I have always felt a special empathy with the gentle-eyed Giraffes, with their rich brown patterned bodies. The Giraffes are such peculiar creatures in so many ways, with their long necks and spindly long legs, but they were a ‘must see” on our African Adventure Safari. I put my order in with James, our guide. He sends his runners out every night & early in the morning to keep track of the animals moving in and out of the area.

We set off early and drove for a couple of hours seeing very little, but  just when we were starting to feel let-down and a bit disappointed, I spotted these beautiful creatures on the other side of a clearing in the dappled shade of the forest. They were very well camouflaged because of their markings against the dappled shade. However, there was no mistaking them, they were Giraffes. Cautiously edging forward we waited as they gracefully stepped out into the opening. There were about fifteen of them in small groups, as well as a number of wildebeest in the clearing. I was so excited at seeing the Giraffes; our cameras were clicking madly. I didn’t think the photos would be very good from this distance but I took them anyway.

Giraffes at duba plains

Startled Giraffes take flight, Duba Plains Africa.Adventure travel Africa

We sat and watched silently for a good twenty minutes taking in the beauty of these wild creatures. Then the wildebeest lifted their heads as if in warning, and suddenly, they were all off. The Giraffes with their long spindly legs and strange loping gait sped across the plain in urgent flight. What had alarmed them we couldn’t tell, but what an amazing sight to see these beautiful creatures in full flight. A sight I will never forget.

This had to be just the best African safari trip.

About Giraffes:

  • Did you know that a Giraffe has a blue tongue which can extend beyond 40cm?
  • Every Giraffe has a unique pattern of coat markings.
  • The neck of a Giraffe has seven vertebrae, like a human, despite its length.
  • The Giraffe will defend itself by using its long neck and heavily boned skull as a mallet against another Giraffe if it feels threatened.
  • Did you know that a giraffe stands while it is sleeping, and to drink it must spread its front legs so its head can reach the water?The Giraffe makes a distinctive flute-like noise. It also grunts and moans, but is basically a quiet animal.
  • In full flight the Giraffe can reach speeds of up to 55 km/hour.

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