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The Fascinating Summer Palace in Beijing China

The Summer Palace is another beautiful and fascinating place to visit on a small group tour in Beijing. It is dominated by Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake. The central Kunming Lake covers 2.2 square kilometers and is a man-made lake. The soil dug out from  the lake was used to build Longevity Hill. Built on […]

Empire of the Great Ming – Chinese Culture and Tradition

Chinese history of the Ming Dynasty under Emperor Hongwu and Emperor Yongle The Ming (‘Brilliant’) Dynasty also known as the Empire of the Great Ming, was the ruling dynasty of China from the years 1368 to 1644, one of the longest and most stable periods in China’s history. The founder of the Ming, Zhu Yuanzhang […]

That’s Melbourne Zoo – Roaring Lions and Tigers

Whenever I have occasion to visit a zoo this little rhyme my mother taught me always comes to mind. I have taught this to my children when they were little, and now my grandchildren. Has anyone else out there, heard this poem before? When I went to the Zoo There are Lions and roaring Tigers […]

Skydeck 88 Experience – A great place to visit in Melbourne

SKYDECK 88 and the Eureka Tower and are most impressive. Skydeck 88 is the highest public vantage point in the Southern Hemisphere. The Eureka Tower is 984.3ft or 300 metres in height. The facade consists of blue, glass aluminum panels which cover an area of 40,000 sq.metres. The glass on the top ten floors is […]

Melbourne City Tours Cheapest Travel Around the CBD

Train Travel Firstly, travel by train into Melbourne City. Melbourne has an excellent train service from the suburbs to the inner city CBD area. Details are on-line at metlink, making your destination easy to check out. The Metlink rail service provides a journey planner,which simplifies working out how to get where you wish to go,and […]

Places to Visit – Melbourne City Australia

TOP PLACES TO VISIT IN MELBOURNE Below is a list of   places to visit in Melbourne.These sight are all accessible via travel on the free Tourist Shuttle bus or  City Circle Tram.  At each stop there are many more places to visit. Melbourne is such an interesting city with so much history. FREE Tourist Shuttle […]

Melbourne Attraction|Flinders Street Station|Melbourne City

Architecture – Flinders Street Station Melbourne A Melbourne attraction, Flinders Street Station is a  wonderful Edwardian baroque building. An architectural competition was held in 1902 for its construction, and a design accepted. The red brick and golden cream stucco building was constructed between 1905 and 1910. Grey granite was used for many details on the […]

My favorite places to visit despite the Melbourne weather

Where is Terrafirma Lyn, FREEZING in Melbourne!! I’m in Melbourne for a month, acclimatizing to the Melbourne weather. After leaving sunny Queensland with a temperature high of 27 degrees and a low of 17 degrees at night, Melbourne is a rude shock, temperature 9 degrees on arrival and down to 4-5 degrees during the night […]

TITANIC:The Artefact Exhibition Melbourne Museum

Visit the Melbourne Museum to see the much feted Titanic: The Artefact Exhibition. It is only on until 17 October 2010. Put this first on your places to visit in Melbourne. It is so poignant to see the personal effects and learn about the passengers who perished on this maiden voyage. No doubt they set […]

Demolition and Devastation | Travel Tokyo Japan

This was a beautiful traditional Japanese architectural style theatre where I saw a performance in 2007. I was so shocked to read it had been demolished. It will be rebuilt by 2013. Meantime Japanese Kabuki will be staged at the Shinbashi Enbujo Theatre nearby.

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