Kooka-Kookaburra Blue

Thursday Challenge: BLUE (Sky, Jewels, Birds, Balloons,…)  The handsome blue-winged kookaburra flies into my garden regularly during the year. They bird sits very patiently on the rotary clothesline, with beady eyes watching the garden bed for any movement. Quick as a flash they dive down to the garden, fly back up in seconds to perch, with […]

Sunken Hearth – Traditional Japanese Fireplace

Thursday Challenge –  FIRE (Candle, Fireplace, Fireworks, Sparks,…)   Traditional sunken hearth and adjustable hanging hook known as a jizai-kagi. Irori -an open fireplace or traditional sunken hearth Toyama Farmhouse Visiting the ancient old farmhouse (now a Folk Museum) I loved the family room with the open fireplace or traditional sunken hearth made of iron, known […]

Animal Herds-water buffalo|skinny white cows

Thursday Challenge – Animal (Pets,Wild,Herds,flocks,…) I felt quite excited when I saw this small herd of sleek grey water buffalo and skinny white cows grazing in the paddock. This is not a wild buffalo but a domesticated water buffalo, a beautiful animal,  family pet and provider. A sleek beautiful animal The water buffalo enjoys  wading and […]

Blue Sky

Thursday challenge – BLUE (Sky, Flowers, Hair, Water, Clothing, Vehicles, Houses,…) Blue sky, ocean water of incredible hues, barely a  cloud in an endless blue sky, this is Townsville, 365 day of the year. Houses upon houses in a growing populace. A triage of botanical gardens with lush green lawns, palms, tropical trees and  plants. The Strand Promenade and water […]

Rain – rain-clouds-umbrella-splashing-water-dripping-flowing…

  Thursday Challenge – Rain (rain,clouds,umbrella,splashing,water,dripping,flowing…) Umbrella up in the rain, enjoying an unusual spectacle  of flowing water, and splashing colored fountains with classical music. The clouds darkened, the rain came down, and sent us scurrying for more cover. We ended up dripping wet!! This picture post  shared in the Thursday Photo Challenge – for fun and learning. […]

Federation Square – Modern, Contemporary Architecture

    Thursday Challenge – MODERN (Contemporary, Fashionable, Architecture, Interiors, Advanced, Cool,…) My thoughts on Federation Square – it is probably classed as modern contemporary architecture? Not my favorite buildings, interesting, but I prefer classical architecture. From the air they resemble army bunkers with camouflage.  I have visited Melbourne a few times now and the design […]

Hard – Marble Stairs – Amazing Carvings

 Thursday Challenge – Hard – Marble Stairs – Forbidden City – Beijing The Temples are built on tiered marble terraces and have dual marble stairs with a large stone carving in the center panel. These stairs reserved exclusively for the Emperor. The largest of the stone carvings measures 16.75 meters long and weighs more than […]

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