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Discover Xi’an Shaanxi |Xian City Wall

China – discover and explore Xian (Chang’an) Shaanxi province. Our first sighting of the old Ming city wall was very impressive,an amazing landmark. Xian held this position under several of the most important dynasties in Chinese history including Zhou, Qin, Han, Sui,and Tang Dynasties.

Scrapbook Design | Free tips and design ideas

Scrapbook Design – Free tips and design ideas. If you like glitz and a challenge the Glitter Stack is for you. More free tips and design ideas to use in when you scrapbook.

Essential Footwear | Comfortable Shoes Small Group Tour

What you don’t want is aching feet! Are your shoes made for walking? It is essential to have comfortable footwear on your tour, as most  Small Group Tours involve quiet a bit  of walking. A small group tour is usually from 10-16 days duration. Walking is the best way to explore new places, meet the […]

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