Safety first – follow a few simple Safety Rules when traveling overseas

Important items Think  ‘safety first’  when traveling overseas. Following a few simple safety rules can ensure a safe and happy holiday. Your important documents need to be kept safe and secure on your person at all times. This is a simple safety rule. The following items will assist. A concealable money belt ensures a safe […]

World travel – travelite – clothing tips

Travelite at all times! Clothing suggestions when thinking of world travel  or  Asia travel. Rule number one – travelite  don’t over pack. Take into consideration the climate you are going to and carefully think about what type of clothing you will need. Bring clothing you can layer. If the weather is unexpectedly cold or hot […]

Essential Footwear | Comfortable Shoes Small Group Tour

What you don’t want is aching feet! Are your shoes made for walking? It is essential to have comfortable footwear on your tour, as most  Small Group Tours involve quiet a bit  of walking. A small group tour is usually from 10-16 days duration. Walking is the best way to explore new places, meet the […]

Why choose a small group tour?

Sit back – Relax and enjoy a Small Group Tour! A Small Group Tour is more manageable from a logistic point of view, more personal, and provides more flexibility for the travelers. Numbers for a small group tour usually fall between 10-14 people. This is a friendly number where everyone has opportunity to meet and mix with […]

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