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Master Plan – Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center – Shanghai-China

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center The Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center is certainly worth a visit.  The Lobby display “Shanghai’s Morning”, is a display of landmark buildings from various times representing the historical and cultural  progress in the urban development of Shanghai over the last 100 years.  The beautiful wall mural also reflects this progress. Prominent […]

Ancient Town – “Fang Sheng” Bridge – Zhujiajiao – Shanghai

  Ancient Water Town Zhujiajiao, ancient water town is  about an hours bus ride from Shanghai.  Zhujiajiao first appeared as a village market during the Three Kingdom Period. It has 1700 years of history ranging from the Song Dynasty (960-1279) and Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) when Zhujiajiao was already a busy market place, due to its river ways and […]

Huxinting Teahouse (mid-lake Pavilion)-Old Town-Shanghai

Oldest Teahouse in China Next door to the Yu Gardens and Bazaar stands another Chinese architectural delight, a classical Pavilion known as Huxinting Teahouse, with its highly decorative upward curving eaves.  The pavilion in the Old Town is regarded as the oldest existing traditional Chinese teahouse in China. The Teahouse, built about the same time as Yu […]

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