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Kyoto Imperial Palace – Kyoto

A walk down a meticulously clean and evenly graveled roadway, along an enclosed earthen wall, known as Tsuiji, led us to the Seishomon Gate, entrance into the grounds of the Imperial Palace.  The enclosed earthen wall stretches some 450m north to south and 250m east to west around the palace. The total area of the […]

Kooka-Kookaburra Blue

Thursday Challenge: BLUE (Sky, Jewels, Birds, Balloons,…)  The handsome blue-winged kookaburra flies into my garden regularly during the year. They bird sits very patiently on the rotary clothesline, with beady eyes watching the garden bed for any movement. Quick as a flash they dive down to the garden, fly back up in seconds to perch, with […]

Golden Pavilion – Kinkaku-ju – Kyoto

  Golden Pavilion a Zen Buddhist temple  I was really looking forward to see the Golden Pavilion. I had read about it before coming to Japan, hard to imagine a building covered in gold leaf. I was not disappointed when I saw this graceful pavilion. Our tour group followed a tree-lined pathway leading  into a […]

The Scrapbook – destination Kyoto Japan

Destination Japan – Ninomaru Palace in Kyoto Japan, such a fascinating travel destination. I really enjoy browsing through the scrapbook I made on Japan, which has photos from my trip around the main Island. After a few years it is hard to remember details of all you have seen. If you scrapbook your trip,and add journal notes you will […]

Kosho-ji Temple Nagoya

Kosho-ji is a Shingon Buddhist Temple in Yagoto, Nagoya, Central Japan This temple complex set in woodlands on Yogota Hill felt very peaceful and serene. A wonderful old, rustic, five tiered wooden pagoda, ageing gracefully, stands serenely among the other wooden buildings of the complex outlined against a perfect blue sky.  The complex dates from […]

Fav Foto for Wednesday – Golden Buddha

 The ancient and the modern On our Wendy Wu group tour through Cambodia we visited the ancient Hindu temple of  Phnom Chisor. We enjoyed the magnificent view over the countryside from Chisor Mountain, and exploring the temples ruins of Phnom Chisor. A short walk up the hill from the ancient temple ruins brought us to a modern […]

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