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Fast and furious ride on a Bamboo Train – Cambodia

Bamboo Train or Norry An off-side adventure, a ride on a bamboo train locally called a ‘Norry’. An interesting piece of engineering with iron wheels on two sets of axles, independent of a bamboo platform that sits on top of the axles; driven by a small engine, probably from a motorbike or tractor. The Norry, […]

Sanjusangen-do Temple 1001 Golden Statues Kyoto

700 year old Temple Something more serious and austere. Sanjusangen-do Temple. An impressive long temple hall, 390 feet  in length, built-in the Wayo (Japanese) style of architecture from the Heian period (794 to 1185 A.D). The meaning of Sanjusangen-do is a hall with thirty-three spaces between columns, this is a traditional method of measuring the size […]

Kyoto Heian Shrine – heavenly weeping cherry blossom trees

Heian Shrine Kyoto – Buddhist Shinto Shrine The Heian Shrine, a Shinto shrine, is different in architecture to many other shrines and palaces we visited in Japan on our tour. The buildings are very colorful with an attractive mix of vivid vermilion,white, and jade colors; offset by dark green cypress pines and pink cherry blossom trees. […]

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