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Perfect Landscaping – Kenrokuen Garden/Park – Kanazawa

  Magnificent Kenroku-en Gardens  This magnificent Japanese garden  developed over centuries; from about  the 1620’s through to the 1840’s by the Maeda clan, the most powerful family under the Tokugawa Shogunate. Kenrokuen Park  considered one of the three Great Gardens of Japan. The reflections in the streams and ponds are magic. Perfect Landscaping The name Kenroku-en […]

Kanazawa Shrine – Kanazawa|Marsh of Gold Kanazawa

Kanazawa Shrine and purification fountain  Our first stop is the Kanazawa Shinto Shrine in vivid vermilion with a beautiful entrance door in  contrasting shades of blue, different from most shrines we visited recently. The symbol on the door  is  the Tokugawa Crest. The design work on the door reminds me of  inlay work  at the Toshugu Shrine. There […]

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