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Rothenburg | a beautiful Medieval Town

The Medieval Town of Rothenburg Rothenburg, a medieval town straight out of the Grimes Fairy Tales is next on our  tour along the  Romantic road. First view of the medieval town we see the Galgentor Tower, part of the defensive walls that once encircled the town. The Galgentor Tower was the main place for executions […]

Traditional Homes – country Cambodia

 Outside Phnom Penh – country Cambodia Wide dusty streets greet us as we enter small towns in the rural areas.  The provincial areas outside Phnom Penh are low-lying with fields of rice as the main crop. About traditional homes today Traditional homes  in rural areas have wooden frames, a gabled – thatched, tiled or iron […]

Temple of Ta Prohm | Takeo

Ta Prohm Temple at Takeo  I was quite excited to see our first temple at Takeo. Takeo is a province of Cambodia. The provincial capital is also named Takeo.  Takeo town has a population of 39,186, and is 77km from Phnom Penh. Ta Prohm Temple at Takeo, is a temple of the Angkorian period, constructed during […]

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