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Kanazawa Railway Station – East Plaza – City Center

Kanazawa ruled by powerful samurai families In contrast to our visit to Shirakawago in the mountainous region of the Gifu Prefecture, Kanazawa is the capital city of Ishikawa Prefecture, a modern city of Japan, population 462,478 people. It lies on the coast of the Sea of Japan, bordered by the Japanese Alps. The city sits […]

Doburoku Matsuri Festival|Gokayama Washi|Shirakawago Villages

Shrines in the Villages – Shirakawago   Gassho-zakuri – A-frame homes- Villages of  Shirakawago  Doburoku Matsuri festival Shirakawa Hachiman Shrine of Shirakawago Every year in mid October the Doburoku Matsuri Festival is held in Shirakawago at the Shirakawa Hachimen shrine. The festival has a parade heralded by an eight legged shishi, or Chinese lion, followed  by bands playing music, people carrying banners and […]

Ancient a-frame Gassho-zukuri homes – Villages of Shirakawa-go

View of Ogimachi Village from Shiroyama Viewpoint The Shiroyama Viewpoint was our first stop after the Toyama Farmhouse. The view of the village of Ogimachi was stunning from this lookout (imagine it covered in snow?) There are a number of “gassho-zukuri” traditional farmhouses, some 250 years old or more, quite picturesque in the afternoon light. […]

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