Doburoku Matsuri Festival|Gokayama Washi|Shirakawago Villages

Shrines in the Villages – Shirakawago   Gassho-zakuri – A-frame homes- Villages of  Shirakawago  Doburoku Matsuri festival Shirakawa Hachiman Shrine of Shirakawago Every year in mid October the Doburoku Matsuri Festival is held in Shirakawago at the Shirakawa Hachimen shrine. The festival has a parade heralded by an eight legged shishi, or Chinese lion, followed  by bands playing music, people carrying banners and […]

Ancient a-frame Gassho-zukuri homes – Villages of Shirakawa-go

View of Ogimachi Village from Shiroyama Viewpoint The Shiroyama Viewpoint was our first stop after the Toyama Farmhouse. The view of the village of Ogimachi was stunning from this lookout (imagine it covered in snow?) There are a number of “gassho-zukuri” traditional farmhouses, some 250 years old or more, quite picturesque in the afternoon light. […]

The Old Toyama Family Farmhouse | Shirakawa-go

A Grand Farmhouse –  typical Gassho-zukuri house Our next stop was the  Folk Museum of the old Toyama family, a grand farmhouse in  traditional style built around 1827. A  typical Gassho-zukuri house. At one time the Toyama family home housed up to forty family members, this included the extended  family with grandparents, aunts, uncles, nephews […]

450 year old Cherry Blossom Trees | Scenic Miboro Dam Takayama

Scenic view artificial  lake of  Miboro Dam The bus tour took us along the scenic reaches of the  Shokawa River, including a stop to see two 450 year old Cherry Blossom trees. Amazingly  both  Cherry blossom trees survived after  removal from the grounds of two ancient temples, Shorenji and Korinji temples.They have survived and flourished. […]

‘Sugidama’ Sake Breweries |Traditional shops – Takayama Japan

Traditional Sake Breweries We walked through the Sanno-machi streets of the traditional area and were able to investigate the shops more thoroughly which proved  pretty interesting. There are quite a few Sake breweries in the area, many of them  established since 1692. Each brewery uses a different  rice variety and has a unique traditional sake […]

Hida Hotel Plaza | Farmers Market – Takayama Japan

A delightful stay at the Hida Hotel Plaza Back to the hotel plaza. I loved our room in this hotel, Hida Hotel Plaza – spacious rooms decorated in  traditional Japanese style in colors of red and gold. A very large en-suite  with shower, separate dressing room, prayer niche, comfy beds with gold covers and black […]

Two headed monster-Sakurayama Hachimangu Shrine-Takayama-Gifu Province

Torii gate – old Takayama town Walking down the  street in old Takayama town, we passed through the Torii (gate) Hie-jinja, up a few flights of steps to reach the  entrance gate to the Shinto Sakurayama Hachimangu Shrine at the top of the hill. The shrine sits against a background of dark green forest trees. […]

Takayama Festival Floats – Matsuri Festivals – Gifu Province Japan

This photo of Takayama Festival Floats Exhibition Hall is courtesy of TripAdvisor Takayama Festival Float Exhibition Hall Takayama is famous for the Sanno-machi Historic District (old town area) and the biannual Takayama Matsuri (Festival). The Takayama Matsuri  considered one of the most beautiful festivals in Japan with ancient (17th century)  floats being pulled through the […]

What is an ‘Irori’? What is a ‘Jizai-kagi’? Takayama – Gifu Province Japan

Timber forests along the riverbank We left the hotel and pretty topiary gardens and made good time to Odawara Station. Nice views of small settlements and dark green timber forests along the riverbank. A smooth ride on the Shinkansen to Nagoya where a new guide met us on the platform, an easy transition to the […]

Fabulous Villas on the Lakeshore – Lago di Como – Part 2

Villa Carlotta – a famous  Villa at Tremezzo on the  lakeshore The ferry comes across from Bellagio to Tremezzo regularly, a pleasant trip across Lago di Como. The Villa has a grand pair of entrance gates in wrought iron with impressive statues on stone columns either side.  Visitors enter via a small side gate.The gardener, […]

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