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Delicious Khmer food – Asian food with a difference

  About Khmer Food Khmer or Cambodian cuisine is one of the world’s oldest living cuisines, passed down through generations. Despite the horrors of the Khmer Rouge regime of the 1970’s Cambodian Cuisine  has made a remarkable recovery.  Cambodian cuisine renowned for its simplicity, freshness and use of seasonal ingredients. Unlike the hot and spicy Asian […]

Garment Factory Workers in the Rain | Phnom Penh

After two great days visiting the sights in and around Sihanoukville, shrines at Pich Nil Pass, the lush green pine forest of Kirirom National Park, then dabbling our feet in a clear running stream at the waterfalls, our tour bus headed back to Phnom Penh city. Rain and more rain It was the shortest distance […]

Kompong Speu – Waterfall area – Kirirom National Park

  Waterfalls at Kirirom National Park Following our visit to Kirirom National Park to see  the remnants of King Sihanouk’s Villa, the bus went off the main road, down a pot-holed dusty road pulling up on top of a hill. Here we are greeted by half-dozen delightful young girls with brightly colored flower garlands. Who […]

Uni Design Hub – RMIT University

Uni Design Hub Next stop on my recent sightseeing venture in Melbourne CBD brought me to the RMIT Uni Design Hub on the corner of Victoria Street and Swanston Street.  If you are already at Melbourne Central or the State Library head down Swanston Street towards Victoria Street to the City Baths, you can’t  miss the RMIT Uni Design […]

Coop’s Shot Tower underneath the Glass Cone

The Shot Tower When I hopped off city circle tram at Melbourne Central in Latrobe Street and went up the escalators into Melbourne Central shopping centre, I stood transfixed to see this huge brick tower inside a glass cone. What a wonderful way to preserve this historically important old building in the middle of Melbourne […]

City Sightseeing ‘Hop on’ ‘Hop off’ – Melbourne

‘Hop on’ and ‘Hop off’  If you enjoy city sightseeing on foot in Melbourne CBD, take a stroll down  Swanston Street from Flinders Street  to the State Library of Victoria, it is definitely worth a visit. On the way is another historic building, the Melbourne City Hall, free tours are available.  The State Library is […]

City Sightseeing – ACMI – Street Art – Melbourne

Australian Centre for the Moving Image Almost the end of October still cold,cloudy,rainy weather in Melbourne.  One fine day at the weekend, took a train into Flinders Street Station for some more sightseeing in Melbourne city starting at Federation Square (opposite Flinders Street Station). If you’re a visitor don’t forget to stop off at the […]

Verdant Green Pine Forest – Kirirom National Park

  Kirirom National Park,Forest,Lakes and waterfalls Kirirom National Park lies 120 km west of Phnom Penh in the Kampong Speu province. From Sihanoukville about a 2 hour drive. The Kirirom National Park covers an area of 35.000 hectares (350 km²).  The Kirirom National Park is a mountain plateau, elevation 800 m above sea level, known for its  green pine […]

Fast and furious ride on a Bamboo Train – Cambodia

Bamboo Train or Norry An off-side adventure, a ride on a bamboo train locally called a ‘Norry’. An interesting piece of engineering with iron wheels on two sets of axles, independent of a bamboo platform that sits on top of the axles; driven by a small engine, probably from a motorbike or tractor. The Norry, […]

Sanjusangen-do Temple 1001 Golden Statues Kyoto

700 year old Temple Something more serious and austere. Sanjusangen-do Temple. An impressive long temple hall, 390 feet  in length, built-in the Wayo (Japanese) style of architecture from the Heian period (794 to 1185 A.D). The meaning of Sanjusangen-do is a hall with thirty-three spaces between columns, this is a traditional method of measuring the size […]

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