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Beautiful Rococo Wieskirche|Beautiful Bavarian Alps

Beautiful Rococo Art  What appeared to be a small white church sitting in the middle of green fields, is an incredible surprise when you enter. I stared in amazement, it was spectacular – like being in a different world!  The decorative art form in this church said to represent the art of Rococo in its highest form. […]

Augsburg – Fuggerei Village Settlement

Countryside outside Augsburg One couldn’t help but admire the beautiful countryside as we drove to Augsburg. The countryside is so green and clean. Red roofed villages,houses painted white, pine forests on the hillsides, crops of cereal, legumes and yellow flowering rapeseed (used for fuel) in the foreground. Augsburg is considered the gateway to the Bavarian Alps […]

Hiroshima – the A Bomb and World Peace

Nozomi train to Hiroshima – A bomb dome  The train trip took roughly about 1-1/2 hour to Hiroshima. At the station we found the information desk easily enough and were given a streetcar map and the number of the streetcar to take us to Hiroshima Peace Park. The first view of the Dome and skeletal […]

Hakutsuru Sake Brewery Museum and Brewery- Kobe Japan

After Himeji Castle we had an hour or two to spare and our guide suggested a visit to the Hakutsuru Sake Museum and Brewery at Sumiyoshi. We hopped the train from Himeji to Sumiyoshi station, then a short walk to the brewery. The original Hakutsuru Sake Brewery opened in 1743. How a Sake brewery operates  Greeting […]

Himeji Castle (White Heron Castle) – Feudal Architecture

Himeji Station Finding Himeji castle once you get off the train at Himeji stations is pretty simple.Take the North entrance/exit, you can see Himeji Castle when you step outside, it is hard to miss as you walk down the main street (Otemae Street). A shopping arcade is on the right with convenience stores, souvenir shops […]

Kiyomizu-dera (Kyoto) – Japanese Buddhism

  Last on our list for the day is a visit to the Japanese Buddhist Temple of Kiyomizu-dera in Kyoto.  My memory when approaching the temple is of the lane ways bustling with crowds of people, lined with fascinating little souvenir shops,cafe’s and  eateries;  the delicate pink  petals of  cherry blossoms falling on one’s face like […]

Xintiandi – Shikumen Museum- ‘Stone Gate’ Housing – Shanghai

Xintiandi Shikumen ‘stone gate’ Housing Shikumen ‘stone gate’ housing is a special old type of residence in Shanghai that first appeared in the mid-1800’s. During the uprising of the “Taiping Heavenly Kingdom”(1851 to 1864),  large numbers of people from Shanghai and neighboring Jiangsu and Zheijiang provinces sought safety in the city’s foreign concessions. The need […]

Dongtai Road – Antique Market – Old Town – Shanghai – China

Dongtai Road Fake Antique Market   Next, a visit to the fake Antique Market in the old town on Dongtai Road, huge variety of goods and who could tell if they are fake or not. If you can’t afford the real thing, this is the place for an excellent substitute. Bargaining skills required here. Compare prices from a […]

Shanghai – Old Town – Chinese Quarter – Old Town – China

  Old Town (Nanshi)  Our tour group set of early to walk through the back streets of Shanghai Old Town, ‘Nanshi’ as it used to be called, the old walled city of Shanghai.The Old Town predates the colonial days in Shanghai. This area is now known as the Southern Town by most Chinese today, bounded by Renmin Lu […]

Shanghai Museum – What is a Bronze Ding ? – China

Shanghai Museum – Bronze Ding Our tour group spent a couple of hours at the Shanghai Museum and explored the three floors. The Shanghai Museum building is very striking, built in the shape of an ancient Chinese bronze ding. What is a bronze ding? A bronze ding,is an ancient Chinese Cauldron traditionally made in two shapes, either […]

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