Dongtai Road – Antique Market – Old Town – Shanghai – China

Fake Antique Market - Stalls - Shanghai Old Town

Dongtai Road Fake Antique Market   

Next, a visit to the fake Antique Market in the old town on Dongtai Road, huge variety of goods and who could tell if they are fake or not. If you can’t afford the real thing, this is the place for an excellent substitute. Bargaining skills required here. Compare prices from a couple of stalls first and then bargain hard.Plenty to choose from, spent an interesting time here, most of the stall holders were pretty friendly and polite and it was a bit of fun.

Fake Antique Market - Stalls - Shanghai



Flower and Pet Market – Shanghai Old Town

Close by the antique market  in the old town area is a local flower and bird market. The flowers and plants are always nice, but didn’t find any of this very interesting at all. A variety of bird seeds on display for sale, and a couple of scrawny looking doggies in cages, was about the extent of the pet market.


   And there’s more – Xintiandi, the old French Concession  area…

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  1. How fabulous – sounds like a very entertaining place to wander. I haven’t been to Shanghai, yet.

    • Hi Natasha, I’m sure you would enjoy Shanghai and China as a whole. Like India it is a fascinating country to visit. Thanks for dropping by. Lyn

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