TITANIC:The Artefact Exhibition Melbourne Museum

Visit the Melbourne Museum to see the much feted Titanic: The Artefact Exhibition. It is only on until 17 October 2010. Put this first on your places to visit in Melbourne. It is so poignant to see the personal effects and learn about the passengers who perished on this maiden voyage. No doubt they set […]

Demolition and Devastation | Travel Tokyo Japan

This was a beautiful traditional Japanese architectural style theatre where I saw a performance in 2007. I was so shocked to read it had been demolished. It will be rebuilt by 2013. Meantime Japanese Kabuki will be staged at the Shinbashi Enbujo Theatre nearby.

Toshogu Shrine | Japan Tokyo Travel

A day tour to Nikko National Park and the Toshogu Shrine. An amazing experience, not to be missed if you are visiting Tokyo, Japan.

Tokyo Japan – Travel to Nikko

Nikko Travel – Rinnoji and the Toshogu Shrine Today a new adventure in our TOKYO JAPAN TRAVEL tour. This was a one day tour from Tokyo. We travel from Tokyo to Nikko to the Nikko National Park, first to visit the Toshogu Shrine, (a Japanese Cultural experience not to be missed), then Kegon Waterfall and […]

Ancient Buddhist Temple|The Lama Temple Beijing China

The “Palace of Peace and Harmony Lama Temple” Beijing In Beijing there are many Temples. Buddhist Temples in Beijing are centuries old. Some were built for ordinary people, others were for members of the imperial court.  The most important Buddhist Temple in Beijing is known by various names such as the “Lama Temple”,the “Palace of […]

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls was also on our agenda and we FLEW back to Maun and then to Victoria Falls. We had one night at the grand Victoria Falls Hotel. It is in the Victoria Falls National Park, a world heritage site. The Victoria Falls Hotel still evokes the gracious ambiance of an Edwardian style colonial era, […]

Fothergill Island – Lake Kariba

More about my adventure travel in Africa The next camp was at Fothergill Island on Lake Kariba. The story of Lake Kariba is a fascinating one and a very special story. During 1958-59 when the building of the Kariba Dam across the Zambezi River was completed, many animals were left stranded on rapidly shrinking islands […]

Duba Plains – A baby hippopotamus

Our second experience with Hippo’s was quite different to the first. We travelled by mokoro to a small island. Our guide was carrying his rifle which didn’t make me happy at all, and on the bank where we alighted from the canoe was an imprint where a crocodile had been lying. Our guide hastened to […]


I have always felt a special empathy with the gentle-eyed Giraffes, with their rich brown patterned bodies. The Giraffes are such peculiar creatures in so many ways, with their long necks and spindly long legs, but they were a ‘must see” on our African Adventure Safari. I put my order in with James, our guide. […]

The Lions at Night – Duba Plains

The name of our native guide was James. He had a beautiful display of white teeth set in an enormous warm friendly smile. That evening he took us on an adventure to see the lions at night. Issued with a warm parka, rain-proof on the outside and blanketed on the inside, six of us clambered into […]

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