Yangshuo|Countryside and Fisherman Li River Yangshuo

Yangshuo – First impressions  We were not leaving the Karst mountains behind or even the Li River, they are both an integral part of Yangshuo landscape and surrounding countryside. Arriving at Yangshuo wharf our first sight is of a Chinese women striding along the wharf carrying  two cormorants balanced either side of a shoulder pole. […]

Boat Trip – Limestone Peaks – Li River – Guilin to Yangshuo China

Zhujiang Wharf – tourist boat terminal Today we headed down to the tourist boat terminal, such a plethora of boats,  for a trip down the Li River  and scenic views of the limestone peaks of the Karst mountains. We have been so lucky with the weather and today looks fine again, mist still shrouding the nearby hills. […]

Dragon’s Backbone Terraced Rice Fields – Ping’an Village Longsheng

Farming the terraced rice fields The Dragon’s Backbone Rice Terrace supports about 180 families who live and work in the area. They make their living farming the surrounding terraced rice fields and growing vegetable crops. Traditionally they live in wooden homes with three floors like the houses we passed by the river’, and in the village. Ground floor […]

Journey to Longsheng Rice Terrace

Longsheng Rice Terrace In the past I have seen so many beautiful pictures of the Rice Terraces in many countries. Today I was really looking forward to seeing them for myself in China, such a fascinating part of the world. Our tour group journeyed by bus  from Guilin to see the Longsheng Rice Terrace at Ping’an, […]

Attractions Guilin – Fountains and Silver Moon Pagoda | Guilin China

Travel through China was a fascinating experience. Each day brought something new and eye-opening. I had visited Japan before coming to China, although an Asian country, it in no way prepared me for the sights of China. Ancient China is a vastly different country with so much diversity. Guilin attractions Guilin I’m sure, has been […]

Reed Flute Cave and Grotto – Guilin China

Guilin City Guilin proved an enchanting city. We stayed at the Hotel Universal in Guilin which was very clean and comfortable as all our accommodation had been to date. One got the feeling that China was very geared up towards tourism and the tourists. Our room overlooked the river with a pretty garden directly below. […]

Emperor Qin’s Terracotta Army|challenges and discoveries

An important challenge – Preservation of the color on the Terracotta Army of Emperor Qin   Originally each terracotta soldier was painted with vivid colors, this is evident by the traces of paint found on many pieces that have been unearthed.  However, most of the pigment faded within a very short time on exposure to […]

Terracotta Army – Emperor Qin

The famous Terracotta Army of Emperor Qin The most memorable part of our trip through China was a visit to view  the famous Terracotta Army of Emperor Qin in  Xian. This was next on our small group tour  itinerary. It was a nice sunny day, but still cold when we arrived at the outskirts of […]

Xian City|Bell Tower

The Bell Tower is a landmark in the center of Xian City While we were in Xian City we had a few hours to spare, so made our way through the underground and up to the Bell Tower. This is a land mark in the center of Xian where the city’s four main streets converge. […]

Islamic Mosque|The Great Mosque of Xian City

An afternoon visit to the Great Mosque of Xian City Late one afternoon we visited an Islamic Mosque, the ancient Great Mosque of Xian city. The Great Mosque located northwest of the Drum Tower on Huaju Lane. Considered to be the oldest, and the  largest and best-preserved Islamic Mosque in China. It was almost dusk as […]

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