Reed Flute Cave and Grotto – Guilin China

Guilin Early morning view across the river

Guilin Early morning view across the river to Karst mountains.Guilin,China

Guilin City

Guilin proved an enchanting city. We stayed at the Hotel Universal in Guilin which was very clean and comfortable as all our accommodation had been to date. One got the feeling that China was very geared up towards tourism and the tourists. Our room overlooked the river with a pretty garden directly below. On the opposite bank of the river we could see sculptures of seven horses, very life-like, giving the impression they were running wild and free.

Guilin - Reed Flute Cave-limestone cavern with fantastic stalactite and stalagmite formations.

Guilin – Reed Flute Cave – limestone cavern with fantastic stalactites and stalagmites

Reed-Flute Cave

Reed Flute Cave is one of the many attractions of Guilin, Guangxi,China. The Reed Flute Cave lies five kilometers north-west of Guilin. I had little expectations about the Reed Flute Cave but was suitable impressed when we visited this huge limestone cavern. The Cave is so named, because the locals made reed flutes from the type of  reeds that grew around the cave. The reeds grew so thick it concealed the cave entrance for many years. The local villagers took refuge in this cave during the Japanese invasions of China. The Reed Flute Cave was officially opened to the public in 1962 and millions of tourists have visited since then.

Reed flute cave - Guilin-'Sunrise over the LionPark'

Reed Flute Cave – Guilin -‘The Morning Sunrise over the Lion Park’, limestone cavern and grotto

An ancient limestone cave

Stalactites and stalagmites fill the cave in spectacular limestone formations. Many of the limestone formations have name signs. Above “The Morning Sunrise over the Lion Park”. I though it very aptly named. It is a Chinese custom to give the limestone formations a poetic name and some have legends attached to that name. A wide, paved and graded path provides a safe, comfortable stroll through this huge ancient cave.   The pathway runs through the cave for some 550 yards of fascinating limestone formations. The Reed Flute Cave is a very ancient cave, believed to have been an attraction for 1200 years. There are many inscriptions written in ink inside the cave that date back to the Tang Dynasty (792AD), a testament to its earlier use.

Guilin-views of spectacular 'Crystal Palace of Dragon King-Reed Flute cave

Guilin  view of spectacular ‘Crystal Palace of Dragon King- Grotto,Reed Flute Cave

A spectacular Grotto

It was a fascinating walk through the limestone cavern of  the Reed flute Cave and grotto. The grotto took our breath away. It was amazing! An unreal experience.  The light display illumination, and reflections of the limestone stalactites and stalagmites in the pools of water in the grotto, leaves one standing in a magical wonderland of beauty. The Grotto is known as the ‘Crystal Palace of the Dragon King; a  poetic description befitting this magnificent grotto. There is an ancient legend about the Dragon King.

Guilin-views of spectacular grotto 'Crystal Palace of Dragon King-Reed Flute cave

Reed flute Cave – spectacular  ‘Crystal Palace of Dragon King’ Grotto – Guilin

The Reed Flute Cave and Grotto is a wonderful experience. Don’t miss seeing this ancient limestone cave when visiting Guilin .

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  1. That Reed-Flute Cave is spectacular! Those glowing rocks give an added eerie feeling to the cave. If I’ve given the chance to visit China, I’ll go to these caves.

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