Wild Birds – Purple Swamphen – Melbourne Suburbs

  Purple Swamphen – a colorful  wild bird – Melbourne suburbs In Melbourne again, watching the wild birds when weather permits. There are a variety of birds frequenting the waterway at Doreen, in Melbourne suburbs. The Black Swans were my favorite encounter, followed by the Purple Swamphen. The Purple Swamphen for a wild bird seems […]

Melbourne suburbs | Doreen | Melbourne area

Typical Melbourne weather In Melbourne again! I visited last year in November, weather was fine and sunny. This is June, proving typical Melbourne weather for winter; rain, wind, cold, bleak and freezing. Almost three weeks, have had only two days of sunshine with blue skies. Can’t wait to get back to sunny north Queensland. Melbourne Suburbs – […]

Wild Birds – Eurasian Coot

The Eurasian Coot The Eurasian Coot is another water bird I saw on my daily walks around the pond in Doreen. The Coot is often mistaken for a duck, however it is smaller in size and has a distinctive  white bill and face shield. Its body is a sooty grey, with a black neck. It  […]

Wild Birds – A family of Black Swans

Wild Birds in Suburban Melbourne – Doreen Visiting Melbourne suburbs again this year with family, I enjoyed walking everyday around the artificial ponds, which are frequented by a variety of water birds. It is a new suburb called Doreen. The water birds included a pair of Black Swans, which according to the locals,  return here […]

Visit Milawa Gourmet Region NE Victoria | Milawa Cheese Company

  A visit to the Milawa Gourmet Region, North Eastern Victoria. Before I left Melbourne we visited the Milawa Gourmet Region of North Eastern Victoria for some cheese and wine tasting. Once at Milawa we couldn’t go past the Milawa Cheese Company. We had visited here a few years ago when my son and family […]

Greensborough Melbourne Victoria | a pleasant place to visit

Greensborough a pleasant place to visit in Melbourne. The Plenty River flows through Greensborough and provides an attractive wildlife habitat for Rosellas, Lorikeets, Little Corella’s, native wild ducks, and many other native birds and animals.

That’s Melbourne Zoo – Roaring Lions and Tigers

Whenever I have occasion to visit a zoo this little rhyme my mother taught me always comes to mind. I have taught this to my children when they were little, and now my grandchildren. Has anyone else out there, heard this poem before? When I went to the Zoo There are Lions and roaring Tigers […]

Skydeck 88 Experience – A great place to visit in Melbourne

SKYDECK 88 and the Eureka Tower and are most impressive. Skydeck 88 is the highest public vantage point in the Southern Hemisphere. The Eureka Tower is 984.3ft or 300 metres in height. The facade consists of blue, glass aluminum panels which cover an area of 40,000 sq.metres. The glass on the top ten floors is […]

Melbourne City Tours Cheapest Travel Around the CBD

Train Travel Firstly, travel by train into Melbourne City. Melbourne has an excellent train service from the suburbs to the inner city CBD area. Details are on-line at metlink, making your destination easy to check out. The Metlink rail service provides a journey planner,which simplifies working out how to get where you wish to go,and […]

Places to Visit – Melbourne City Australia

TOP PLACES TO VISIT IN MELBOURNE Below is a list of   places to visit in Melbourne.These sight are all accessible via travel on the free Tourist Shuttle bus or  City Circle Tram.  At each stop there are many more places to visit. Melbourne is such an interesting city with so much history. FREE Tourist Shuttle […]

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