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Melbourne suburbs - Doreen-returning home with grocery-shopping Laurimar

Melbourne suburbs – Doreen-returning home with groceries from Laurimar

Typical Melbourne weather

In Melbourne again! I visited last year in November, weather was fine and sunny. This is June, proving typical Melbourne weather for winter; rain, wind, cold, bleak and freezing. Almost three weeks, have had only two days of sunshine with blue skies. Can’t wait to get back to sunny north Queensland.

Surburban Doreen - Laurimar-Park-with-beehives and Flying Fox

Melbourne suburbs – Doreen – Park-with-beehives and flying fox

Melbourne Suburbs – Doreen

Of all the Melbourne Suburbs I have visited recently, Doreen is one of the prettiest. I stayed in Doreen at Laurimar Estate,  Yangoora Wells Village. Yangoora Wells Village so named because of the old wells in the area. Yesterday with the sun shining (surprise,surprise!), I ventured across to the park. This piece of parkland has three old wells, sealed and a brick beehive built over them; now part of a lovely park, children’s playground and family barbecue picnic area. The playground also has a large  sturdy flying fox, no doubt a  big hit with  children.

Laurimar-view-over-suburb-to green farmland and purple hills

Doreen-view-over-suburbs to green farmland and purple hills beyond-Melbourne

Green rolling farmland near Doreen – Melbourne suburbs

The Park has  great views  over the entire estate and the  remaining green rolling farmland and purple hills beyond (many estates merge into one another). Late in the evening the hills are a browsing range for kangaroos.

Red Kangaroos watching me watching them! Doreen.Melbourne Suburbs

Red Kangaroos watching me watching them! Doreen.Melbourne Suburbs.

One evening I watched a mob of at least thirty large red  kangaroos  leaping over fences across the hillside, obviously startled by something or someone. A marvelous sight!  Most evenings you will see the roos grazing on  the green hillsides. Above the Kangaroos are all watching  me intently, ready for flight if I get to close. I also watched two big fellas boxing but couldn’t get close enough with my camera to video, such a shame, but what an experience! Something I will never forget.

Beautiful reflections on the Pond at dusk Doreen – Melbourne area

Despite the cold we have walked late in the evenings and couldn’t  help but notice the beautiful reflection on the pond, as we go along the walkway. Laurimar has plenty of parks, walking paths with pond views and active bird life. The pond or wetland areas designed to attract and protect native wildlife, and interestingly to purify storm water before it enters the Plenty River.

Doreen- Reflections on the pond

Melbourne suburbs – Doreen- Reflections on the pond at dusk

Laurimar Shopping Center at Doreen

Laurimar has a small shopping center which covers most immediate needs and within walking distance of most homes. It has a Chemist, Doctor’s and Physio, Gym, excellent fish and chip shop, two Pizza places, about three coffee shops, newsagent, green grocer, hairdresser, Woolworth, bottle shop, a baker and a couple of restaurants. It’s all there and more. I’m sure I’ve missed a few.

Doreen - Lone black swan glided effortlessly towards us on the pond.

Doreen – Elegant black swan glides effortlessly on the pond.

Wild Birds and Red River Gum Trees – Doreen – Melbourne Suburbs

A lone elegant black swan glided gracefully towards us one evening. I wondered if it was a member of the family of black swans I photographed here last year.

On the Estates at Doreen they have saved many of the ancient gnarled river gums. They stand stately but alone among the housing estate. Below the housing estates lies the river flats home to the Red River Gum forest along the banks of the Plenty River.

Doreen- river flats below surburbia are home to horses and the Red River Gum trees

Doreen- river flats below suburbia are home to wildlife, horses and the Red River Gum forest

New Bridge at Doreen across the Plenty River

At Doreen a new bridge stretches across the Plenty River, providing access to Doreen and  Laurimar estate from Plenty Road. Large commercial centers close to Doreen are Greensborough, Epping and Westfield Plaza all about 20 minutes away. However in peak hours 7am-9am and 3pm-6pm it may take 40 minutes. Doreen is about 30km from Melbourne CBD. On a clear run it takes 40 minutes to the Tullamarine airport, however you do need to allow for road works.

Doreen-new-bridge-at Doreen over-Pleny River

Melbourne suburbs – Doreen-new-bridge-at Doreen over-the Plenty River

The Plenty River Gorge is only 10 minutes away, while Kingslake National Park and the Yarra Valley wineries offer weekend opportunities. I haven’t visited the National Park or wineries yet, but maybe next time?

View-Plenty-River-Gorge, Doreen

Melbourne suburbs – Doreen – View-Plenty-River-Gorge, Doreen

Melbourne suburbs – Bus Services – Doreen

There are several bus services running to and through Laurimar

Bus 520 Doreen to Greensborough

Bus 572 Mill Park to Bundoora

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  1. This looks absolutely gorgeous – despite the weather!!! Currently trying to organise my gap year and things like this are just so useful! However, there are so many lovely places it’s difficult to decide what to drop and what to keep!!

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