Kooka-Kookaburra Blue

Male Blue-winged Kookaburra Australia

Male Blue-winged Kookaburra Australia

Thursday Challenge: BLUE (Sky, Jewels, Birds, Balloons,…)  

The handsome blue-winged kookaburra flies into my garden regularly during the year. They bird sits very patiently on the rotary clothesline, with beady eyes watching the garden bed for any movement. Quick as a flash they dive down to the garden, fly back up in seconds to perch, with a lizard or gecko in their beak. They will slap their prey around for a while before swallowing it. The blue-winged kookaburra has an amazing call, a loud raucous chuckling sound, followed by variety of  shorter chuckling noises. For more about the blue winged Kookaburra read my post: Bird Watching-Blue winged Kookaburra

This picture post  shared in the Thursday Photo Challenge – for fun and learning.


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  1. That is a big head head on a small bird. 🙂 Nice one.

  2. Wow what a beautiful bird. Good to choose this for “blue”

  3. You are so lucky Lyn, that you have a garden that is being visited by this kinds of birds. I think your garden is helping these birds to find food on it. By the way what camera you used to take a snap shot on this beautiful bird?

  4. I see. You did a great job for these animals Lyn.. Thanks!

  5. That is one exotic looking bird. We get a load of magpies here – which most people hate but I like watching their antics because they are such smart birds. They’ll corner a rabbit just for fun and won’t hurt it.

    • Hi Leigh, We have magpies here too.they are known for swooping down and pecking anyone who comes near their nest when breeding.Otherwise they are a likeable bird. thanks for your comment.

  6. Good shot, as not many people can get hold of this bird while posing. They fly instantly. my oldest song for this bird: Kookaburra sits in an old gum treee-eee merry merry king of the bush is hee-eee 🙂

    • Hi Kylie, A very old song about the Kookaburra, I know it as well. Do you get many injured Kookaburras in to treat at your practise?

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