Duba Plains – Northern Okavango Delta

The next day we flew the short hop from Jedibe to Duba Plains in the Northern Okavango Delta.  Duba Plains is a smaller camp and more intimate, only accommodating ten people. This camp proved to be by far the most exciting of the three. Our little Cessna landed on a very small strip and then we were ferried to the camp by canoe. We were quickly landed and a four-wheel drive picked us up. A lioness had been spotted near the camp. She was guarding four cute little cubs as well as two juvenile family members. We did get a good look at the family but just couldn’t get close enough to get a family photo, so had to be content with a photo of the Lioness . This was an exciting start to our adventures at Duba Plains.

duba plains lioness

Lioness at Duba Plains, guarding her cubs in the thickets, and eyeing us warily.

Late that afternoon, with permission from the Headman of the nearby village, we were allowed to visit and talk with the women while they made lovely woven baskets, and watched the happy, smiling children playing on the white sand.

Next day we went out early, past trees full of chattering monkeys and nearby, a flock of vultures. Our guide drove right up close to a very large male lion; it was amazing to be so close to this wild beast. Apparently the lion had taken down a  buffalo during the night.  We saw what was left of the carcass as we came through, which is also probably why the vultures were hanging around close by. The male lion had obviously had a big feed our guide told us, so he just wasn’t interested in us, thank goodness! We came across a group of hyena’s and at various times saw wart hogs with their tails held high running through the long grass (they look very funny). As we drove back to camp we saw a small herd of red lechwe. They are a pretty golden brown antelope with a white belly. The male has long spiraled horns. The Lechwe has longer hind legs in proportion to other antelope, which makes it easier for them to run in marshy areas where they are found.

My first nights sleep was a restless one as late in the night I heard the padding of very large feet and snuffling outside my tent. I felt sure it was a lion? All guests had been given a strict instruction that if we thought there was a wild animal near our tent during the night to keep perfectly still and don’t under any circumstances turn on a light. I had no problem, I was so petrified, I couldn’t move. After what seemed like an eternity, the sound of its heavy footfalls moved away, then nothing. Eventually I slept.

duba plains lion

Not interested in us, thank-goodness. Well fed on buffalo after the previous nights kill

Photo’s- All Duba Plains Photo’s

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