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Well I must say this amazing Kindle device beats carrying a couple of novels with me to read on long trips. I love my books with a passion. My shelves at home are all bending in the middle from the weight of “best loved books”. What I really hate, is after I’ve been overseas I usually have to ditch the novels I took with me to read on the plane, to make way for all my souvenirs. I just hate to throw a good book away. For my next trip, which will be to Egypt next year, I will have my Kindle uploaded/downloaded with a couple of books by my favorite authors to read on the plane. The 3G Kindle is so light and works Globally. Travel light is always my motto?

I’m a great fan of Michael Connelly and put his book on my Kindle for my trip to Sydney in two weeks. I couldn’t wait that long. Once I decided to look at it, I started and couldn’t stop until I’d finished.

Called the “Nine Dragons (Harry Bosch) ” by Michael Connolly. A great read!

Briefly the book tells  of a robbery and murder  at a convenience store. As Harry Bosch investigates he realizes it looks more like a Triad execution. Bosch is warned off, but ignores the threat. The mystery becomes more intriguing and alarming when Bosch receives a video showing his daughter Maddy, being kidnapped. He flies to Hong Kong where his ex-wife, her boyfriend and Maddy reside. All three join forces in a race to find Maddy while she is still alive. The book never looses its drama, tension and excitement and is a thoroughly entertaining read.

Now I’ll have to find another book or two?

The The Brass Verdict and Lost Light (Harry Bosch) – they both look good to me!

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  1. I feel you, Lyn. Can’t thank the inventor of ebook readers enough. I do love reading but having to carry a book all the time can be such a hassle. Having it all in our small device sure is convenient. I bring mine almost everywhere I go, it’s a fun way to spend down times. 🙂

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