On the Water – Port Phillip Bay

On the water Port Phillip Bay

Morning view Port Phillip Bay

On the water

Just had two weeks in Doreen an outer suburb of Melbourne. Spent a day on the water in Port Phillip Bay fishing. I was so mad at myself, couldn’t believe I didn’t take my camera with. It was a beautiful day and  Port Phillip Bay is a picturesque spot. Didn’t do to well with the fishing either, however the day became quite interesting when the patrol boat placed two large  marker buoys not too far from where we had anchored. Didn’t know what to expect. However small sail boats which had remained in the distance began sailing towards us and then around the nearby marker buoys. The boats on the water very  pretty to watch, colorful sails billowing gently as they tacked their way around the markers. Kept one interested for a couple of hours while waiting for the fish to bite.


 ‘the one that got away’

While I was relaxing at the front of the boat watching the sail boats, had a hit on one of the lines, the reel screeched, I dived for it, my son whose hands were full of burlie tried to move out-of-the-way. Oh dear! I’m not too popular, by the time I managed to take control of the reel the line had gone slack.  Missed it – lost the fish!!  A few hours later as we pulled up anchor spotted a small pod of three dolphins and a seal gracefully dipping through the water at high-speed past our boat. No camera – damn!!

Sunrise-On the Water-Port Phillip Bay


Decided I had to have another day on the water to go fishing again and take a photo of Port Phillip Bay and the sailing boats. It was an 11am start last time. Because of other commitments and pending weather pattern we had to make a 4.30am start this day and leave by 11am before the wind blew up and it became too rough.

Sunrise-On the water-Port Phillip Bay

Still dark as we arrived at the boat ramp, not too many boats lining up at this hour. Motored through the channel and into the bay. Not sunrise for another half hour, the darkness of the distant shore broken only by  night lights.  Today we set up for trolling with lures in the hope of catching snapper.



Dozens of fishing kayaks on the water

Daylight approaches, the first touch of gold in the sky to the east as the sun breaks through the clouds. Shafts of golden light strike the water of Port Phillip Bay.   Many crafts out fishing, a surprising number of small flat crafts (kayaks) designed for a sole fisherman to sit in, surrounded by half a dozen set rods and  a fishing net, usually under pedal power or oars. Quite intriguing.

On the water - Port Phillip bay

Melbourne skyscrapers

Large fishing boats on the horizon, perhaps fishing overnight. Not a sail boat in sight this time. The skeleton of Melbourne skyscrapers just visible on the shoreline through the early morning mist. Early rising is not my thing; today I was able to appreciate being on the water and watch the sunrise in all its beauty as it lit up Port Phillip Bay.

On the water-Golden sky-PortPhillipBay

Sunrise over Port Phillip Bay

Running out of time one of the lines went off, managed to grab it this time, fish still on, my son giving instructions. Caught a fish, wow, called “a pinky” a type of snapper with a pinkish tinge along the edge of a shiny silver body.


Time to pack up and head back to the ramp as large dark clouds gather overhead and the wind rises. A great morning on the water, Port Phillip Bay such a beautiful expanse of water and sandy shores.


Back at the boat ramp most of the jet ski’s still out. Now an influx of enthusiastic people carrying canoes head out into the river and paddle upstream. Our boat all sorted, ready for a hot cappuccino  to keep me awake on the way home.



Movies this arvo with family, seeing “The Martian” – great movie. Great day all round  – awesome!

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