The Kabuki Theatre

kabuki theatre

Entrance to The Kabuki Theatre Ginza Tokyo Japan

The Kabuki Theatre at Ginza Tokyo Japan

It had been a busy day, but time was short, so we decided we would find our way back to Ginza and take in a Kabuki performance, which was a must see for me whilst in Japan. We asked for direction at the information desk and it should have been pretty simple, but apparently we went out the wrong door of the hotel, so ended up in the wrong end of the subway.

Lost in Shinjuku underground station searching for the Red Line

After 45 minutes of futile looking, walking, asking directions, and sheer frustration we asked one more person, a gentleman in a grey suit. He pointed, then changed his mind and indicated to follow him. He took us through a maze of shops and restaurants. The underground shopping complex is absolutely huge in Shinjuku.

Kabuki-Theater-Ginza Tokyo Japan travel

Kabuki-Theater-Ginza Tokyo Japan travel

Finally, after another 20 minute hike he indicated the red line and ticket machines. We thanked him profusely; he bowed, smiled and left us. That was a nice experience and we were grateful for his kindness. We arrived at Ginza at 6.30pm, still daylight, so took landmarks as we got of the train and out of the subway. It was only a couple of blocks to walk to the Theater. We were just in time for the performance, but it was standing room only. No photos allowed.

The Kabuki Theater a fabulous experience 

Display-outside-Kabuki-Theater Ginza Tokyo Japan travel

Display-outside-Kabuki-Theater Ginza Tokyo Japan travel

The Kabuki Theatre was a wonderful experience, fabulous voices and costumes carried out in the Aragoto style associated with the Ichikawa Danjuro line of actors; typified by exaggerated movement, makeup, costume and diction. The second part of the program is called KOJO (Stage Announcement). This is a ceremonial stage announcement where the top stars of the company address the audience directly. This month, Living National Treasure Jakuemon, the senior actor of the Kabuki World was there to act as master of ceremonies as the actors congratulate the new Kinnosuke.

The new Kinnosuke, Nakamura Shinjiro is the nephew of the famous Kabuki actor Nakamura Kinnosuke (1932-1997). All the actors were kneeling in a line across the stage in their wonderful costumes and each rose and paid their respect to Jakuemon and offered their congratulations to Kinnosuke II. This was obviously a very auspicious occasion, we were so glad we came.

Ginza-at-Night. Night scene at Ginza Chrome intersection. Tokyo Japan

Night scene of Ginza Chrome intersection. Tokyo Japan

Souvenir Scarves of  Kabuki Characters

It was dark when we left the theater and the shops were closing. We noticed some pretty scarves in a shop & stopped to look. It was just closing but the proprietor indicated we could come in if we wanted to, so we did, and were very pleased with our purchases. I purchased several scarves with the wonderful painted faces of the characters from the Kabuki plays.

Ginza Station back to Shinjuku Station 

What-will-we-have-for-dinner. Restaurant selections Shinjuku Tokyo

What-will-we-have-for-dinner? Restaurant selections Shinjuku Tokyo

Returning from Ginza was so simple, we virtually stepped from the platform, walked to the nearest exit and there we were  at a door of Keio Plaza!!  Once back at Shinjuku we shopped for tea in the underground, not sure what we had, but it was quite tasty. My sister decided we deserved a special treat after our adventure. We went to the Cocktail Lounge on the 45th floor of Keio Plaza which has a great view over the city. Here we relaxed with a daiquiri and hors d’oevres and enjoyed the city lights. We had a good night!

View Shinjuku Cocktail Lounge,45th-floor-Keio Plaza Tokyo Japan

View over Shinjuku from Cocktail Lounge,45th-floor-Keio Plaza Tokyo Japan



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  1. I remember being there last year and oh my.. the underground shopping complexes in Shinjuku … they are really massive.

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