Thursday Challenge-“Outdoors” (parks,trails,rivers,playgrounds..)

Living in the suburbs can prove quite boring sometimes. However, some of the newer suburbs now designed to be more welcoming for families and residents with attractive outdoors recreational park areas, incorporated in the estates. Doreen, an outer suburb of Melbourne city, Australia is one such suburb.

View across the pond, wild ducks,cormorants and darters. Doreen, Melbourne Victoria

View across the pond and  park, wild ducks,cormorants and darters. Doreen, Melbourne Victoria

An artificial pond with walking trails, bridges and playgrounds make an attractive and relaxing outdoors  area for suburban  residents to enjoy a picnic in the park,  a morning or evening stroll at Doreen.

Black-Swans-at-dusk. Birdwatching. Melbourne

Black-Swans-at-dusk on the pond

The pond,a feature of the recreational park area,  frequented by a large variety of bird life includes a family of black swans. The parent birds have returned every year for the past three years to breed and rear their young.


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