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The winter months in tropical Townsville are a fabulous time to visit North Queensland

In June last year, my cousin Margo and I visited Townsville.  In the winter it is a wonderful climate, clear blue skies, warm and sunny. The weather in tropical Townsville has temperature that range from 26-28 degrees daytime and 18-16 degrees at night time.The  winter weather in Townsville is magic. The residents say it is a wonderful place to live.

We  came up on the Tilt-Train from Brisbane which was reasonably comfortable, but a fairly long journey, some nineteen hours. It is however, a much quicker trip than on the Sunlander train. I haven’t traveled in north Queensland by train before so this was a new experience. If you are a Senior the cost of rail travel is very appealing. There are also plenty of cheap flights available over the internet from the major capital cities, if you book early enough.

Riverway-Tropical-Townsville a beautiful recreation area

Riverway-Tropical-Townsville a beautiful recreation area

The Riverway Complex – beautiful swimming lagoons in tropical Townsville

On the way from the rail we decided to stop off at the Riverway complex, which is a new and very pretty area on the banks of the Ross River. It has two large and inviting swimming lagoons, an Arts Centre,  restaurant and snack bar.  It has many shaded barbecue and picnic areas, a walkway with rest areas  along both sides of the river, and an “All Abilities Playground”.

The ‘All Abilities Playground’ at Riverway in tropical Townsville

The “All abilities Playgound” at Riverway in Townsville is a beautiful area and  has so much to offer  parents and children. It is designed to providing challenging play areas for children of all abilities. It has a wonderful Fort, a scented garden,  musical poles and instruments, a  sand area and more; it is just so interesting. It is one of only about sixteen such playgrounds  in the state.

Tropical Townsville 'All Abilities Playground" at Riverway

Tropical Townsville ‘All Abilities Playground” at Riverway

Encompassed in this area is the Riverway Sports Centre, which has  a large Stadium facility for cricket and AWL with other sporting events being held there as well.

We sat in the warmth of the  sunshine on the terrace at the C-bar restaurant overlooking one of the lagoons and enjoyed an iced coffee with a snack, before a stroll around the nearby walkway so we could stretch our legs after the long trip.

Riverway at tropical Townsville, North Queensland

Iced Coffee at the C Bar overlooking a Lagoon at Riverway in tropical Townsville

On the banks of the Ross River in tropical Townsville

There were dozens of turtles, small fish and even an eel swimming in the water along the walkway. A wild duck with a brood of ducklings swam by among the Lilly pads, foraging for food.

Riverway-Ducklings-on-Ross-River tropical Townsville

Riverway- wild duck with her brood of Ducklings-on-Ross-River tropical Townsville

A local walker pointed us to a Pandanus tree on the edge of the walkway, where a brushtail possum was sheltering with her baby. They were so cute! What beautiful little creatures. We were so lucky to see them!

Brushtail-Possum-and-young in the Pandanus tree

Brushtail-Possum-and-young in the Pandanus tree at Riverway

The swimming lagoons look so very inviting and are obviously very popular with the locals.  The barbecue areas are well favored under the shade of the huge rain trees.This recreation area is absolutely free to enjoy for the locals and visitors alike.

Canoeing and Water Skiing is very popular on the Ross River in tropical Townsville

It was very picturesque along the river bank. The water on the river this day was like glass, the surface only broken with a gentle ripple as two canoes glided silently by.  Canoeing is a very popular recreational activity on the river, as well as  water skiing.

Riverway-Canoeing-on-the-Ross River tropical Townsville

Riverway-Canoeing-on-the-Ross River tropical Townsville

Tropical Townsville – The Riverway Arts Center

The Riverway Arts Center hosts live shows regularly from visiting artists, and the Pinnacles Gallery is a popular venue for art exhibitions. The Gallery is opened most days, so we had a walk through and looked at the current Exhibition which proved quite interesting. We planned to come back to Riverway for another walk along the river before our holiday was over, it is such a beautiful spot.

Scrapbook Specialty shops for new Scrapbook designs ideas

The next day we visited the Scrapbooking Specialty shops as Margo is keen on card making, and I am always on the lookout for something different for my scrapbook designs.  By the time our holiday was over, I had her converted into an enthusiastic scrapper, and I had also learned more about card making.

We visited the scrapbook shops several times during her stay, and kept finding new things to use and Scrapbook design ideas. “Scrapbook Shenanigans” near the Willows became a favorite place.  All good fun!

Tropical Townsville - Waterlillies on the Ross River at Riverway

Tropical Townsville – waterlilies on the Ross River at Riverway

Visit the Tourist Information Kiosk in Flinders Mall, Townsville

If you are a visitor to Townsville in tropical north Queensland, do visit the Tourist Information Centre in Flinders Mall. The kiosk offers a wealth of advice, brochures and leaflets on what to do and see in and around Townsville.

Since we were only here for a short time we decided  to see all we could in  and around Townsville. We were looking forward to our visit to the Strand and Magnetic Island which we have heard so much about. Margo and I also had  friends here, and in Cairns to catch up with.

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  1. So many places to be, so many places to see, so little time. Sigh.. I just wish I could go on a one year vacation and visit every place in the world. That would be such a treat. 🙂

    • I don’t think a year would be enough!! My list should be getting shorter, instead it gets longer, so many wonderful places in the world to see still, not enough time left!

  2. This is a great place to spend the weekend over. The children will love the nature.

    • It is a very family friendly recreational area and children love the ducks and turtles. Thnx for you dropping by.

  3. This is a nice place for picnic and family bonding as well. I will bring my kids here one of this days. Thank you for posting this.

    • Picnic and barbeques are very popular and plenty of activities for children. Your family would enjoy. thanks for dropping by.

  4. Hello, I’m impressed with the “All Abilities playground” at Riverway. The swimming lagoons look great! No wonder you enjoy visiting Townsville.

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