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Uni Design Hub

Next stop on my recent sightseeing venture in Melbourne CBD brought me to the RMIT Uni Design Hub on the corner of Victoria Street and Swanston Street. 

If you are already at Melbourne Central or the State Library head down Swanston Street towards Victoria Street to the City Baths, you can’t  miss the RMIT Uni Design Hub  across the  road.

The Uni  Hub designed to provide office and design space  in one huge building for a diverse range of design research and post-graduate education.


Uni Design Hub RMIT MelbourneCBD

Sand-blasted-glass-Uni-Design Building RMIT

Inside looking out-Sand-blasted-glass-Uni-Design Building

Sand-blasted glass discs – Uni Design Hub

The Uni Design Hub is without a doubt an interesting building with an outer skin of sandblasted glass discs, each disc defined by a galvanized steel ring. The entire building covered in the sandblasted glass discs, it  looks a bit repetitious over this large building. A particular feature of the outer skin of the design hub, automated sunshading that includes photo-voltaic cells, evaporative cooling and fresh air intakes. The building has many other interesting ESD features incorporated into the facade for ongoing research into solar cells. The flat, surface appearance of the building changes somewhat, when the glass discs are turned to a vertical position by the computer automated sun-shading system.


Uni Design Hub Long Room -Project Space

Uni Design Hub –  Long Room

In the Project  Space of the Design Hub Long Room above, is the beginnings of  ‘Dermoid’  a cutting-edge, large-scale architectural installation at the Uni. Throughout the year there are ongoing exhibitions from the different disciplines with the design hub.


Uni Design Hub Long Room -Project Space with sculpture

Th e RMIT Uni  Design Hub also houses the RMIT Design Archives and a gallery for public display. Nearby is a forecourt with a welcome café opposite the gallery space entry. The T-Square Cafe is accessible via the Victoria Street entrance. T-Square Cafe is open Monday to Friday: 7 am-4.30 pm 


Uni- Design Hub- polished cement floors 3D Sculpture

NGV and RMIT Exhibition – Uni design hub

Talking about RMIT and Exhibitions, the creativity of more than 120 RMIT alumni and staff features in the National Gallery of  Victoria’s most ambitious exhibitions to date – “Melbourne Now”. The exhibition showcases the latest in art, design, architecture, fashion and dance produced in Melbourne.

Part of the exhibition is an interactive piece of  creative artwork by artist  Juan Ford, called You, me and the flock. This interesting interactive piece  invites viewers of all ages to add a bird sticker to an image of a flock of birds in a panoramic sky. Each bird added, changes the image of the flock and makes one wonder about mans perception and relationship with nature.

Melbourne Now runs  until 23 March, 2014. A huge exhibition, great for the school holidays for children of all ages. Of special interest to year eleven and twelve students thinking of pursuing a career in the arts.

Opening hours – Design Hub

Tuesday to Friday: 11 am – 6 pm Saturday: 12 pm – 5 pm. Admission is free.

Check Exhibitions and Programs to find out what‘s on, exhibitions change regularly.

Closed Sunday and Monday. Closed Public Holidays.

Now back to sunny Queensland…..

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