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Bavaria Germany – Wurzburg – Along the Romantic Road

Frankfurt to Wurzburg, Bavaria Germany Leaving Frankfurt behind, once we were on the autobahn, the scenic view through Bavaria in Germany is of gently undulating green hills, with bright yellow crops (rapeseed), small villages and church steeples. On the autobahn cars whizzed past, no speed restrictions for cars; buses and trucks restricted to 100 kph. […]

Romantic Road | Frankfurt | Attractions Germany

Frankfurt Germany marked the departure point for our tour along the Romantic Road Our flight into Frankfurt airport arrived on time. It was a simple matter to catch the train into the city. It was well signed at the airport. You can also check this out on the internet before you come away. We came […]

A brief snapshot of Cambodia(Kampuchea)

Cambodia (Kampuchea) on a small group tour Cambodia, (Kampuchea is the local name for the country) is a beautiful country, with beautiful people. Burgeoning now as a popular travel destination, Cambodia still has the freshness of many unspoilt region’s where people have a simple way of life, living as they have done for hundreds of […]

Wild Birds – Eurasian Coot

The Eurasian Coot The Eurasian Coot is another water bird I saw on my daily walks around the pond in Doreen. The Coot is often mistaken for a duck, however it is smaller in size and has a distinctive  white bill and face shield. Its body is a sooty grey, with a black neck. It  […]

Wild Birds – A family of Black Swans

Wild Birds in Suburban Melbourne – Doreen Visiting Melbourne suburbs again this year with family, I enjoyed walking everyday around the artificial ponds, which are frequented by a variety of water birds. It is a new suburb called Doreen. The water birds included a pair of Black Swans, which according to the locals,  return here […]

Emperor Qin’s Terracotta Army|challenges and discoveries

An important challenge – Preservation of the color on the Terracotta Army of Emperor Qin   Originally each terracotta soldier was painted with vivid colors, this is evident by the traces of paint found on many pieces that have been unearthed.  However, most of the pigment faded within a very short time on exposure to […]

Terracotta Army – Emperor Qin

The famous Terracotta Army of Emperor Qin The most memorable part of our trip through China was a visit to view  the famous Terracotta Army of Emperor Qin in  Xian. This was next on our small group tour  itinerary. It was a nice sunny day, but still cold when we arrived at the outskirts of […]

Romantic Road | Attractions Germany |Small Group Tour

Travel along the Romantic Road, one of the main attractions in Germany In April, 2009 my sister and I traveled to Europe. This came about as her daughter had been away 12 months living and  working in Holland. My sister wanted to catch up with her. Sounded good to me, I’d love to see the […]

Xian City|Bell Tower

The Bell Tower is a landmark in the center of Xian City While we were in Xian City we had a few hours to spare, so made our way through the underground and up to the Bell Tower. This is a land mark in the center of Xian where the city’s four main streets converge. […]

Islamic Mosque|The Great Mosque of Xian City

An afternoon visit to the Great Mosque of Xian City Late one afternoon we visited an Islamic Mosque, the ancient Great Mosque of Xian city. The Great Mosque located northwest of the Drum Tower on Huaju Lane. Considered to be the oldest, and the  largest and best-preserved Islamic Mosque in China. It was almost dusk as […]

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