A brief snapshot of Cambodia(Kampuchea)

Cambodia (Kampuchea) on a small group tour

Cambodia, (Kampuchea is the local name for the country) is a beautiful country, with beautiful people. Burgeoning now as a popular travel destination, Cambodia still has the freshness of many unspoilt region’s where people have a simple way of life, living as they have done for hundreds of years. Our small group tour, with Wendy Wu Tours, took us from the capital city of Phonm Pehn through the lush green countryside of Kampuchea to the city of Siem Reap and the magnificent temples of Angkor.

Cambodian Village built on the banks of a mountain stream Cambodia Siem Reap
Cambodian Village built in the forest, on the banks of a mountain stream. Cambodia

Hidden in the forest, villages built on the banks of a running stream, enhanced with small waterfalls; beautiful brown eyed children with circlets  of flowers on their heads playing in the water. Oxen, a beast of burden pulling a wagon load of pottery to market, or transporting firewood.

Traditional hand made pottery carried to market by oxen cart Cambodia Siem Reap

Traditional hand made pottery carried to market by oxen cart Cambodia

Houses on stilts, with bamboo floors, palm thatched walls and roofs, and a white cow tethered to the fence. Women sitting over large pots  making  palm sugar. Floating villages on the glistening surface of  Lake Tonle Sap as lake and river become one, to create a huge inland sea in the monsoon season.

Floating Village Lake Tonle Sap

Floating Village Lake Tonle Sap

Water towns, houses built on bamboo rafts, moved onwards as the water levels in the river change. Flooded forests, hidden caves, ancient Stupas and mysterious temple ruins, all this and more, adds to the intrigue and attractions of Cambodia (Kampuchea).

Ancient Stupa Elephant Detail 450 steps takes your breath away!
 Ancient Stupa at Udong, Elephant detail, 450 steps takes your breath away!

Rice paddies, verdant green; buffaloes  wading in the ponds, fields of waterlilies, and of course the magnificent temples of Angkor Wat at Siem Reap. Siem Reap is the fast growing and developing provincial capital of Kampuchea.

Ricefields lush and green Cambodian country side Phonm Pehn, Siem Reap

Rice fields lush and green Cambodian countryside. Phonm Pehn to Siem Reap

Angkor was the site of vast cities built by the Khmer rulers between 802 and 1220AD. There are more than 100 stone temples in the area which are testament to the astonishing architectural achievements  by the Khmer civilization during that period.

Temple of Ta Prohm, overgrown with fig tree roots.Cambodia (Kampuchea)

Temple of Ta Prohm, overgrown with fig tree roots. Cambodia (Kampuchea) Siem Reap

Cambodia or Kampuchea on the Mekong River is all this and more.Visit  Cambodia for a wonderful adventure to be treasured, shared,  and remembered forever.


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