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Frankfurt Germany marked the departure point for our tour along the Romantic Road

Our flight into Frankfurt airport arrived on time. It was a simple matter to catch the train into the city. It was well signed at the airport. You can also check this out on the internet before you come away. We came out of the subway in Frankfurt city, and the main railway station was right there in front of us, so took our bearings as we knew our hotel was nearby. After a short walk we found the Intercity hotel Poststrasse 8, and checked in.

Hauptbahnhof -MainRailwayStationFrankfurt Germany

Hauptbahnhof -Main Railway Station Frankfurt Germany Romantic Road tour

Hauptbahnhof -Main Railway Station Frankfurt Germany

We had the afternoon free so we set of to explore the many attractions of  Germany that Frankfurt has to offer. Our first stop was Hauptbahnhof, the main railway station, with our trip to Holland in mind (the station was just across the road from our hotel). We confirmed the booking done by our travel agent, and on advice at the booking office, paid extra to have a reserved seat. This proved a good move as the train is usually fully booked.  If you do not reserve a seat you may have to stand for the entire trip. The clerk, who spoke very good English, also advised we would now have to change trains at a place called “Hertogenbosch” because of track works, but announcements would be in English and other languages at the time.

Frankfurt Germany The.Alstadt - the old town-Romer, Romerberg Square

Frankfurt – the old town- Romerberg Square. attractions  Germany

Romerberg Square-one of the famous attraction of Germany in Frankfurt

It was past lunch time by now and feeling peckish we found a nice snack bar in the underground. The women serving didn’t speak English but was very friendly. I had a leaflet and indicated we would like to go to Roemer, the old city hall. Our communication was good!  She indicated it was three stops on the train and directed us to the platform.  We managed to buy a ticket from the machine (a bit tricky), and still don’t really know if we had the right ticket, but no one came to collect anyway.

Dogs-&-People-everwhere in Romerberg after a dog show

People & dogs every where in Romerberg after a dog show. Attractions Germany

Three stops later we found ourselves at Roemer. People and dogs everywhere! Apparently a big Dog Showing had just finished. The city hall wasn’t open so we had to be content to look around the square at the beautiful old medieval houses, one of the special attractions of Germany. Usually the City Hall is open between 10am-1pm and 2-5pm. An hourly tour is available costing 3 Euros. The second floor has an exhibition of portraits of 52 emperors, 13 of whom celebrated their coronations here.

Facade-of-City-Hall has historical statues of the four Kaisersof the Holy RomanEmpire

Historical facade-of-City-Hall statues of  four Kaisers of the Holy Roman Empire

City Hall (Rathaus) Frankfurt Germany

The city hall (Rathaus) is the middle one of three stepped gabled buildings and is very historical. The facade of the building has statues of the four Kaisers of the Holy Roman Empire, two coats of arms, a clock face, and a placard describing the most important facts about the building. In the center of the square stands the Fountain of Justice (c1611). The Old Nikolai Church is on the southern side of the square, easily distinguished by its white and brown paint. This church was the chapel of the Imperial court from 1290 until the 14th century. Ruins of a Roman bath have also been discovered in this square.

Quaint Custom-Tower-c.1456 on the river Main Frankfurt Germany

Quaint Custom-Tower-c.1456 on the River Main Frankfurt Germany

River Main Frankfurt

Along the river is a very busy area with people, tourist boats, ferries,tourist buses, and attractive outdoor dining all along the banks. Beautiful old buildings along the river blend in with the new high rise. There is a quaint Customs Tower of (c1456), where a paymaster used to sit to collect the harbor fees.

The-Old-Iron-Bridge River Main Frankfurt Germany

The-Old-Iron-Bridge River Main Frankfurt Germany

The Old Iron Bridge and Sachsenhausen Frankfurt Germany

We walked on down to the river and across the old Iron Bridge. This famous neo-Gothic  style bridge  connects the city center and Romerberg with Sachsenhausen on the southern banks of the River Main. Over 10,000 pedestrians use this footbridge every day. Sachsenhausen is part of the city center just across the bridge, famous for its Apfelwein (apple wine or cider) taverns and traditional Frankfurt dishes.   It is also famous for the Museumufer (Museum Riverbank), which has seven museums in close proximity to one another.

Wertheim House, a traditional old timber-framed building

Wertheim House, a traditional old timber-framed building Frankfurt Germany

Walking back through the square we passed Wertheim House, a traditional old timber-framed building, one of the few that escaped damage in the war. Entering Paulsplatz we visited St Paul’s Church; the seat of the German national assembly since 1848. Today it is no longer used as a church but is a center for various displays and events. There are some interesting gift shops along the street with nice souvenirs (some a bit expensive). The trams, painted with eye catching designs passed busily back and forth.

Colorful-Trams pass back and forth. Frankfurt Germany

Colorful-Trams pass back and forth. Frankfurt Germany

Tram and Bus travel Frankfurt city

If you visit the VGF website it has details of tickets available to tourists and visitors which covers travel on trams and buses with one ticket. They provide considerable savings. If y0u are just visiting for a day there is an all day ticket @ €5.40 Adult,(children €3.20). This ticket may be used for as many trips as you like within Frankfurt (tariff zone 50) for the whole day. There is also a group all day ticket; and a Hotel guest ticket. Frankfurt city also has a Frankfurt Card which allows for reduced entry to many of the Museums, Palmengarten and the Zoo as well as public transport (€8.00).

La-Casa-del-Galato, delicious gelato ice creams,very popular on a warm spring day.

La-Casa-del-Galato, delicious gelato ice creams,very popular on a warm spring day.

We couldn’t resist an ice cream from the nearby ‘La Casa del Gelato’. Took photos of the New Town Hall, an unusual but interesting building. It has two towers and is divided into two wings by the Braubachstrasse (street). These two wings are connected by a bridge called “the Bridge of Sighs”, in reference to the ‘Bridge of Sighs’ in Venice.

The New Town Hall an interesting and unusual building. Frankfurt Germany

New Town Hall & connecting ‘bridge of Sighs’, St Paul’s Church (right). Frankfurt Germany

It was a fine day and a public holiday, so people were out making the most of the sunshine and alfresco dining. It was warm in the sunshine with some people in t-shirts but most wearing a lightweight sweater, or carrying a jacket. Once out of the sun the breeze was cool.

Alfresco on the River Main Frankfurt

Before returning to our hotel we decided to eat out on the Bootshaus restaurant (Boathouse on the Iron Bridge). The Bootshaus looked so very inviting on the water, and  had  a good variety of light meals and snacks on their menu. We decided to quench our thirst with a German beer(€2.80), followed by a light meal, original frankfurters with potato salad (4.50); potato salad was delicious.Traditional meals are one of the main attractions in Germany, or when visiting any foreign country.  Returning to the city on the train, we strolled  back  to our hotel for a good nights sleep. The long flight over was catching up with us.  Our tour pickup was for 9am in the morning, when we would join our small group tour for travel along the Romantic Road.

Alfresco-Dining-on-the-river Main, Frankfurt Germany

Alfresco-Dining-on-the-River Main, Frankfurt Germany


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  1. We went on a river cruise that explored Frankfurt, Germany. It was really beautiful and one of the best travel experiences I’ve ever had. Traveling along the Rhine is really magical and showcases areas straight out of a story book. I really enjoy the public houses in Germany and all of our ports of call let out in the middle of the city instead of like ocean cruises.

    I’m glad someone else has a hard time with those train ticket machines! When we were in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium it was a continual struggle to pick the right options… I think they need better translated directions 😉 (and the machines didn’t accept my credit card brand which made paying an extra convoluted experience).

  2. I frequently travel to Frankfurt and I love it. I live in Wittlich and as you may know there is not alot to do. Another nice place I like to travel to is Trier which sort of reminds me of Frankfurt but, at the end of the day, I consider Frankfurt to be the best place to travel too.

    • I’m not familiar with Wittlich or Trier our tour didn’t take us to that area. Trier looks like a really interesting and historically place to visit, next time! Thanks

  3. I thought Frankfurt was mostly modern and business. That’s all I ever found! I will have to look for the Romantic Road next time. Good photos! Thank you

    • Hi Leif, I found Frankfurt a very interesting city with most of the historical sites in easy walking distance. Thanks for you comments.

  4. Had no idea Frankfurt was so lovely looking. Very diverse indeed.

    Will definitely have to think about spending some time here in the midst of my Germany trip next year. Only really had an inkling for Berlin before seeing this!

    Great blog by the way!

    • I thoroughly enjoyed Frankfurt, the first city I visited in Germany on my trip.I’m sure you would enjoy it to! Always so much to see and so many places to visit? Thanks for your comment.

  5. Hi Lyn, Frankfurt is a must add to the list when you are going to Germany. The Frankfurt airport has always fascinated me. However Munich would always be a priority for me.

    • Frankfurt was the first German city I visited. We visited Munich on this trip too, there was so much to see, it is a fascinating city. I will do a blog post on it eventually. thnx for dropping by.

  6. Spend the last day in Hohenschwangau and visit the famous Neuschwanstein Castle. You’re free to explore the castle on your own (admission included), admiring the home of King Ludwig II, an eccentric monarch nicknamed the Fairy Tale King…

    • Hi Devon, Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein Castle were a great experience, out of fairytale books. A wonderful trip along the Romantic Road. Thanks. Lyn

  7. My first choice is well Venice. After that come Frankfurt and Paris.

    • I agree Venice is a very romantic city and one of my favorite places. Paris would have to come next for me, it is a beautiful city,wonderful by night. thanks for dropping by.

  8. Vanny Thompson from bridge stone says:

    That old iron bridge is a pedestrian bridge, many people use it every day. Germany is a good place.

    • Yes, I found Germany a very interesting country to visit,and Frankfurt a very attractive and friendly city. thanks for your comment.

  9. I have been in Germany once, it is really a beautiful country. I have planned to visit Germany once again for next year if possible… Have you ever been in Nepal, if yes then please take a time to visit me.. My office is located at Thamel…

    • Hi Deepak, I really enjoyed my trip through the Romantic Road in Germany. No, I haven’t visited Nepal.Just read about about the trekking on Katmandu valley rim. What an amazing experience that would be. Thanks for your comments.

      • Hi Lyn

        Thank for your comment, Yes i also had good time to visit so many different place of Germany with my friend, it was really unforgettable experience. May be this year at the same time i will visit Germany again. Yes you are right, Nepal is one of the beautiful country in world with so many things inspiring to Visit…..And people are very nice. To visit we have so many places to visit and so many things to do in Nepal. So Kathmandu Rim Trek is also one of them and if you want to see and know about the place then plz visit our website. You can find best information about so many info of Nepal,Tibet,India and Bhutan.Any time you are welcome to Nepal.Hope to see you some day in this world…….Thanks again for your lovely reviews.

  10. Hola
    Es interesante tu articulo. Hay otros articulos no me gustan demasiado, sin embargo la gran mayor

  11. I have never been on a cruise and most likely never will go on one. I am not a water lover and with my luck the ship would sink when I was on it. My brother in law and his wife are going on their 5th cruise soon but its just not for me.
    Khourshem recently posted…Top Things to do in Dubai – Must add in Your Plan My Profile

    • hi khourshem, I would love to do the desert tour with camels and tents That’s an amazing pic of the sea and desert. Dubai would be an amazing country to visit. thanks for your comment.

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