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Discover and Explore a Beijing Supermarket | Beijing!

Explore a Beijing Supermarket! We had a few hours to spare so we set out to explore a  Beijing supermarket we discovered nearby. It was a surprise, so very colorful.  The  meat,  fish and chicken all looked very fresh and clean, placed on ice in large metal trays ready for purchase, not what we wanted […]

Beijing Red Theater | The Legend of Kungfu

Discover Beijing  Red Theater which specializes in traditional Chinese theater performances. Before we left Beijing  we had the opportunity to visit the Beijing Red Theater to see an amazing  Chinese  theatrical production called The Legend of Kungfu; this was magic, a wonderful story and theatrical performance with spectacular choreography. Beijing Red Theater specializes in traditional […]

The Hall of Benevolence and Longevity|Renshoudian Summer Palace Beijing

The Hall of Benevolence and Longevity, Renshoudian, at the Summer Palace Visit the Hall of Benevolence and Longevity where the  Empress Cixi arranged her affairs of state and received officials, as part of Chinese culture and tradition passed down from the famous Chinese Ming Emperors. The hall has been left as it was during her […]

Lyn’s Scrapbook Designs and Tips for Beginners

Hi all! If you are just getting interested in scrapbooking, here are some scrapbook designs, ideas, information and tips on what you will need to begin. Paper Firstly, all papers used for scrapbooking should be acid and lignin free. All sizes for  scrapbooking are in inches. The most common paper size is 12 x 12 […]

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