Discover and Explore a Beijing Supermarket | Beijing!

Beijing Supermarket with FreshMeat

Beijing Supermarket FreshMeat

Explore a Beijing Supermarket!

We had a few hours to spare so we set out to explore Beijing supermarket we discovered nearby. It was a surprise, so very colorful.  The  meat,  fish and chicken all looked very fresh and clean, placed on ice in large metal trays ready for purchase, not what we wanted at the time, but a very interesting supermarket. The staffs were all dressed in red shirts.

Beijing-Supermarket-anyone for fresh chicken

Discover a Beijing-Supermarket-anyone for fresh chicken

In China red is considered an auspicious color and symbolizes good fortune and joy. You will notice its use throughout China with the red lanterns outside shops and restaurants, decorating the City walls, on outside signage and  red decorative elements inside the shops as well. This is all  a part of Chinese culture and tradition .

Beijing Supermarket Beijing

Discover a Beijing Supermarket

There are many small traditional Chinese shops and very large department stores, which  as a Beijing visitor, we would have loved to have had the time to explore. I never did find out just what the building below actually is; a large Hotel, Department store or maybe a Casino?

Discover and venture in to this interesting Beijing-Department-Store

Discover and venture into this interesting Beijing building built in a traditional Chinese style

Discover a Beijing restaurant, savor  a traditional Chinese meal.

On our last night as a visitor to Beijing, we dined at a Beijing restaurant. One couldn’t help but admire the colorful enameled ceiling decoration and lights, beautiful carved-and-inlaid-screen and ancient pottery pieces.  This is all part of the ambiance in a traditional Chinese restaurant.

Traditional Chinese Restaurant entrance foyer.

Discover a Traditional Chinese Restaurant in Beijing. Entrance foyer.

Carved-and-inlaid-Screen Traditional Chinese Resturant Beijing

Carved-and-inlaid-Screen Traditional Chinese Restaurant Beijing

Discover Beijing-A Traditional meal at a traditional Chinese Restaurant

Discover Beijing-A Traditional meal at a traditional Chinese Restaurant

Refreshing green tea offered first, before a variety of traditional Chinese dishes placed on the table to share. It was a delicious and interesting meal, served by a  young waitress in a traditional Chinese costume explaining each dish to us, as it placed on the table.

Beijing-Railway built in traditional Chinese Style

Beijing-Railway built in traditional Chinese Style

Discover Beijing – Explore Beijing West Railway Station

We caught the train in Beijing at the Beijing West Railway station, which is built in a traditional Chinese architectural style. At the Beijing West Railway we boarded our first class sleeper train to travel onwards to mysterious Xi’an Xi’an in the Shaanxi Province.  Before boarding the train in Beijing, a market kiosk at the station gave us a  last chance to buy some snacks for our overnight trip.

Beijing-West Railway Station Market

Beijing-West Railway Station Market

The train was quite comfortable with nice clean compartments, washroom with a huge vanity and toilets. (India was a different story!!) Everyone was in a party mood so before bed we sampled some local wines together.

scover Beijing - Settling in for a comfy night First Class on Beijing Train

Discover Beijing – Settling in for a comfy night First Class on Beijing Train

And yes, I couldn’t wait to get those boots off.  Yes, the boots were made for walking and I had always found them pretty comfortable. However we had walked such lot that day, and after a long day I found I could feel the cobble stones and pavers through the leather soles of my shoes, (not enough cushioning or support I guess). This is where a comfy pair of joggers or walking shoes/boots come into their own. Shoes must be well ‘broken in’ before you bring them along on holidays.

Read my travel tips on  Essential Footwear Small Group Tours.

Arriving in Xian Station around 10.30am the next morning, we boarded our tour bus which took us to our Hotel ‘ The Bell Tower’. We were very impressed with the central position of the hotel, with both the ancient Bell and Drum Tower in our view and couldn’t wait to explore Xian.

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  1. I’ve noticed that, they really do love their color red. It’s even 98% of their flag. 🙂 With over a billion people, it is not as crowded as most would expect since China is a pretty big country as well. I’ve always wanted to visit the Jiayuguan Pass along the Silk Road ever since I’ve heard of it in the news. I do wish that I get the time to do that.

    • Jiayuguan Pass is at the western end of the Great Wall of China. I visited the Mutianyu section. During the Ming Dynasty Jiayuguan Pass was considered the last outpost of civilization, with nothing but barbarians beyond. It would definitely be an interesting place to visit. A trip along the Silk Road would be great! Thanks for dropping by. Lyn

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