Beijing Red Theater | The Legend of Kungfu

Discover Beijing  Red Theater which specializes in traditional Chinese theater performances.

Beijing-The-Red-Theatre which specialises in traditional Chinese Theatre

Beijing-The-Red-Theatre- traditional Chinese Theatre

Before we left Beijing  we had the opportunity to visit the Beijing Red Theater to see an amazing  Chinese  theatrical production called The Legend of Kungfu; this was magic, a wonderful story and theatrical performance with spectacular choreography. Beijing Red Theater specializes in traditional Chinese performances.

The Story behind The Legend of Kungfu

The Legend of Kungfu follows the story of a young boy, who like every boy in China and many other countries, dreams of becoming a Kungfu master. At a very young age, the boy is initiated into the monastery and given the name Chun Yi (the pure one). The young monk encounters many difficulties and temptations in the outside world and within himself. Through much hard work and training in the practice of  Kungfu and Zen,  over time he  achieves his sacred goal and becomes a Warrior monk.

Bejing Red Theatre - Scenes from 'The Legend of Kungfu'

Bejing Red Theater – Scenes from ‘The Legend of Kungfu’, a brilliant performance

This show was absolutely mesmerizing. It presents to the audience the importance of  Kungfu in Chinese culture, and what it means. You really have to experience this theater performance; as well as the amazing acrobatic feats  carried out by the performers and the stunning choreography, it is also a fusion of modern dance with Chinese traditional arts.

The narrations are in English, with English and Chinese subtitles shown above the stage. This production is of the highest international standard. You will not be disappointed.

Discover Bejing Red Theatre. Program from performance of 'The Legend

Discover Beijing Red Theater. Above – Program with scenes from ‘The Legend of Kungfu’

At The Red Theater Beijing, meet  the cast after the show

We were able to meet and speak with the cast after the show in the foyer of the Red Theater. Many of the performers  were young 17 years old’s, a couple were even younger (10 and 11 years I think). They were so enthusiastic and enjoying the appreciation of the audience. I felt it was a great privilege to meet these talented and dedicated performers. This is a  show not to be missed if you are a Beijing visitor.

 Beijing Red theatre-'The Legend of Kungfu. Meet the cast after the performance

Beijing Red theater-‘The Legend of Kungfu’. Meet the young cast after the performance

The foyer area of the Beijing Red Theater was so crowded after the performance  with people trying to get their photo taken with the cast after the show. It was impossible to take a photo without getting some unknown person in it, a bit frustrating actually. However, thank goodness for digital cameras, it seems you can almost always get a quick pic under any condition and light.

If you are planning to go on a small group tour , do buy the best camera you can afford. In all probability you will only be  there once. A camera needs to be light to carry and easy to use. I love my Sony and it is giving me great service, but am longing for an upgrade. You may like to consider a Digital Camera like this one to take overseas with you on a small group tour.

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to visit the Beijing Red Theater

Make the opportunity to visit the Beijing Red Theater, catch a cab from your hotel and back,  it is cheap and safe  to do so (your hotel will call one for you). Just ensure you have a card with the name and address of the hotel you are staying at, so you get back safely after the performance. The theater performance is also relatively inexpensive.

At the Beijing Red Theater, ‘The Legend of Kungfu’ is the longest-running show in China, having been enjoyed by over two million people. The production has also performed in the US, Canada, Japan and Russia. More recently, in 2009 it was performed at the London Coliseum.

A ‘small group tour’ offers so much to the individual, in cultural diversity and traditional arts of  the country you are visiting.

A must DVD collection for KungFu fans

If you are interested in Kungfu and martial arts, you may enjoy the following videos.  I particularly enjoyed Ip Man and I am now waiting for the release of Ip Man 2. The movie Ip Man is based on the life of Ip Man (Donnie Yen), the grandmaster of Wing Chun, who later became the  teacher and mentor to legendary martial artist, Bruce Lee. I found this a very enjoyable movie about life in China in this period of its history;  and also about the integrity and philosophy  of  Kungfu as exemplified in the movie by Ip Man, with some amazing martial arts scenes for Kungfu fans.

I enjoyed the huge epic scenes in the historical drama Red Cliff .

Kung Fu: The Complete Series Collection starring David Carradine, a must for Kungfu fans.

Warlords starring Jet Li.

Kung Fu Panda I’m sure Kungfu Panda is a proponent of  Wing Chun Kungfu.

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  1. Thanks for the brief history lesson. I’m a bit of a Kung Fu fan, more particularly Jet Li and Bruce Lee. Both were really huge parts of the arts, they have contributed the most(the way I see it). I’m glad that they are still doing the show consistently. Would love to see one of those some time.

  2. Jackie Chan is able to do must of his moves due to his combination of Kung Fu and the arts. If it wasn’t for a combination of the too, he wouldn’t have been as good as he was. I would love to go to a show like this just for the experience. You have so nice pictures. Were you able to get any video?

    • The Legend of Kungfu was a fabulous experience. Unfortunately no, I wasn’t able to get a video at the time worse luck. Thanks for your comments.

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