Kompong Speu – Waterfall area – Kirirom National Park


Waterfalls - Kirirom National Park -Young girls with pretty flower garlands

Waterfalls at Kirirom National Park

Following our visit to Kirirom National Park to see  the remnants of King Sihanouk’s Villa, the bus went off the main road, down a pot-holed dusty road pulling up on top of a hill. Here we are greeted by half-dozen delightful young girls with brightly colored flower garlands. Who could resist! We were more than happy to relieve the young girls of their attractive garlands, they were so pretty!

Local store and stalls - Waterfalls-Kirirom-National Forest

Local store and stalls – Waterfalls-Kirirom-National Forest

Bamboo thatched roof shelters 

Walking down a dusty red barren slope we could see  many bamboo thatched roof shelters to the right along the  river bank, closer a small stall and larger shop on the left.  Further over on the left more bamboo thatched roof dwellings. The area a bit dusty from vehicles, a few four-wheel vehicles and motor bikes parked nearby. The ground badly eroded from heavy run-off from a previous wet season.

Thatched Bamboo shelters along a running stream with a waterfall and rapids,

Thatched Bamboo shelters along a running stream with a waterfall and rapids,

Waterfall area and rapids

At the bottom of the hill by the  river we are enchanted by the scene set out before us. Bamboo thatched roof dwellings complete with hammocks, built on high stilts, rickety bamboo ladders reaching down into the crystal clear waters of a gently flowing stream. A waterfall splashing over the rocks at intervals all the way down the river.

Kirirom National Park Young girls at the waterfalls

Kirirom National Park  young girls enjoying the stream and waterfall

A flower garland in their hair 

Young girls and tiny children each wearing a  flower garland in their hair playing at the waterfall. It is an idyllic picturesque spot. To lie in a hammock and enjoy the sound of the gentle running water splashing over the waterfall; a wonderful spot to take off ones shoes and enjoy a paddle in the flowing stream.

Khmer family enjoying the waterfall and running stream

Khmer family enjoying the waterfall and running stream

The local shop sells simple meals and nearby a stall has drinks, snacks and tropical fruits, including delicious rambutan. In the bamboo shelters opposite the stall young visitors sat on woven mats enjoying a cold drink and gave us a friendly greeting. We spent about forty-five minutes or so walking around and talking to the friendly Khmer people.


Kirirom National Park – Local Stall snacks and fruit

I couldn’t help but wonder how the bamboo shelters stand up to the river when the monsoon rains come, or how badly it could affect the area. I imagine the river which is only a stream at present could become a raging torrent during the monsoon season.

Bamboo thatched roof dwellings along the riverbank, waterfalls and rapids

Bamboo thatched dwellings along the riverbank, wobbly planked bridge,waterfalls and rapids

A really pleasant interlude visiting the waterfall area in the green pine forest of Kirirom National Park.



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