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Deer Park|Sarnath|Sarnath Museum

Sarnath Museum I enjoyed a visit to this ancient site, and the nearby Deer Park at Sarnath. The Archaeological Museum at Sarnath has a beautiful interior, laid out similar to a monastery with a central hall, five galleries and two verandas; antique relics and sculptures arranged for clear viewing. The museum houses some of the greatest […]

Rats and more rats – Railway Station – New Delhi

At the Railway Station – New Delhi Our tour group returned to the hotel to pack  our belongings and head for Delhi Railway Station. An exciting night ahead. Joining the locals for  overnight travel by train to Varanasi.  It was dark by the time we arrived at the railway station by tuk tuk. Couldn’t believe how […]

Gandhi Smriti Museum – Raj Ghat Monument – New Delhi

Next, a visit to the Gandhi Smriti  Museum (or Gandhi Remembrance) in Tess January Road,  New Delhi. It is the house where Gandhi spent the last 144 days of his life, and where Gandhi was assassinated.  Most people have heard of Gandhi or at least seen the movie, so if you are at all interested or curious to learn […]

Qutab Minar – Tombs and Monuments – New Delhi

Qutub Minar complex is a fascinating array of tombs, monuments and buildings in the Mehrauli district of  New Delhi.   History in this complex you could say dates back to an Iron Pillar  constructed in the 4th century. The Iron Pillar  removed from Udayagiri caves near the city of Vidisha in Madhya pradesh and erected in its current place in New Delhi […]

Sights and Sounds – New Delhi|India

Despite the dusty position of our hotel everything was up to standard and we enjoyed a good breakfast. On the bus the sights and sounds of early morning were exciting and some very sobering. On the footpaths in different areas we saw families with little children still asleep on the hard pavement or along the […]

Maastricht – Holland Netherlands

Maastricht, a city situated on  both side of the Meuse river with a population of around 182,000. Home to world-famous musician Andre Rieu. Maastricht is in the southeast of the Nederlands and the capital city of the Dutch province of Limburg. It has an oceanic climate, the same as most of the Netherlands.  It is believed the […]

Haarlem – The Great Church and famous Pipe Organ – Nederlands

  Haarlem – North Holland A brief visit to Haarlem. Love this Gothic structure, the Vleeshal building, built between 1602-1605; originally a “Meat Hall” as the renaissance decoration of the bull and rams head on the facade suggests. A striking old classical building. Ladder Lift Interesting to see how times have changed, no more furniture and […]

Kaas or Cheese Market – de Waag – Alkmaar

  Kaasmarkt – Kass or Cheese Market  When we arrived the market had already started, tourists were about 10 deep all around the market square so it was difficult to see all the goings on. The rounds of cheese sitting in a huge square had me drooling, it  was a sight to see – I’m a […]

Art Galleries | museums|Red Light District Amsterdam

Back to Amsterdam to explore more territory, the famous art galleries, museums and Red Light District Amsterdam. First stop Van Gogh Museum. At the time there was a special exhibition on “Van Gogh and the colours of the night” – the first exhibition devoted to Van Gogh’s representations of the evening and night. It was incredible to see […]

The Hague – Netherlands

The Hague – Netherlands Back on the road we reached The Hague only about 30 mins from Delft, nothing is very far apart in the Netherlands. Above a view of the Dutch Parliament, a very historical and impressive complex  on the edge of the little lake known as Hafvijver or ‘Court Pond”. Once through the outside gates […]

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