Carnaval of flowers – Hibiscus, Lily and Roses

Thursday Challenge – Flowers 

Flowers,one of  my favorite subjects. I just love the colors of this hibiscus. Spotted it in a garden while out walking. I’m calling it ‘carnaval’ it is such a beautiful mix of color.


The Lily

Another riot of color I enjoy in the garden is the Canna Lily, definitely a carnaval flower.  Vibrant, vivid, clear yellow with red spots,splotches, sometimes even a strip or two of dark red. It brightens up the garden so much when they are in bloom.


Yellow Canna Lily – Carnaval of color in the garden

Carnaval of fragrant Roses


Rose bud – Fragrant Plum – Roses are my favorite flower

My favorite flowers of all time fragrant Roses. The perfume can be quite intoxicating, the form of  the roses can vary so much each season, and even each flower,  they intrigue me and bring so much pleasure.


My favorite roses – Double delight,President Lincoln,Fragrant Plum

This  carnaval  bunch of roses are  favorites  ‘Double delight’ (creamy white with pink edge),President Lincoln(dark red) and Fragrant plum (mauve with a darker plum-colored edge). 

 This picture post  shared in the Thursday Photo Challenge – for fun and learning.

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