Tuol Sleng | Phnom Penh – Cambodia

Tuol  Sleng – a very sobering experience Tuol Sleng, Genocide Museum originally a school, taken over by the Khmer Rouge in 1975 and used as  torture headquarters. It became known as S21. I felt a great deal of unease as we ventured through the front gate into the grounds of the Tuol  Sleng. Grim  reminders […]

Lotus Blanc – Phnom Penh – Restaurant

A traditional Khmer meal  at the Lotus Blanc Practice Restaurant Lunch took us to the  Phnom Penh restaurant of Lotus Blanc, which is  a vocational training center in the hospitality industry. It trains  ex-street children; children who were found scouring the local area’s garbage dump to survive. The Lotus Blanc restaurant is  a French NGO, […]

Artifacts – National Museum of Cambodia | Phnom Penh

   The National Museum of Cambodia, holds many wonderful artifacts. Majestic architecture and artifacts – National Museum of Cambodia The National Museum of Cambodia in Phnom Penh is a stunning architecturally designed building. The National Museum  constructed in  traditional Khmer style, consists of four rich terracotta colored pavilions. The four pavilions  surround a leafy green […]

Emerald Buddha | Silver Pagoda – Phnom Penh Cambodia

Reamker Galleries and the Emerald Buddha In the grounds of the Royal Palace is a smaller complex in which stands the Silver Pagoda. The Silver Pagoda is also known as Wat Preah Keo or Temple of the Emerald Buddha.  Within this complex, as well as the Silver Pagoda, you will find a  library, royal stupas,  […]

Royal Palace | The Throne Hall | Phnom Penh

Tour of Phnom Penh – Royal Palace complex The next day our tour in Phnom Penh began and proved a busy one, commencing with a tour of the city and the Royal Palace. The Riverfront Park opposite the Royal Palace is a very attractive park, well used by the locals and tourists alike. The Tonle […]

Cambodia 2011|Phnom Penh City

Tour of Cambodia 2011 Phnom Penh is the capital city of Cambodia. I visited Cambodia in 2011. The city has a population of 2 million people within the city and surrounding country side. The population of Cambodia totals over 14 million. Phnom Penh is the political, economical, and cultural center of Cambodia. From Australia  our tour […]

A brief snapshot of Cambodia(Kampuchea)

Cambodia (Kampuchea) on a small group tour Cambodia, (Kampuchea is the local name for the country) is a beautiful country, with beautiful people. Burgeoning now as a popular travel destination, Cambodia still has the freshness of many unspoilt region’s where people have a simple way of life, living as they have done for hundreds of […]

Emperor Qin’s Terracotta Army|challenges and discoveries

An important challenge – Preservation of the color on the Terracotta Army of Emperor Qin   Originally each terracotta soldier was painted with vivid colors, this is evident by the traces of paint found on many pieces that have been unearthed.  However, most of the pigment faded within a very short time on exposure to […]

Terracotta Army – Emperor Qin

The famous Terracotta Army of Emperor Qin The most memorable part of our trip through China was a visit to view  the famous Terracotta Army of Emperor Qin in  Xian. This was next on our small group tour  itinerary. It was a nice sunny day, but still cold when we arrived at the outskirts of […]

Xian City|Bell Tower

The Bell Tower is a landmark in the center of Xian City While we were in Xian City we had a few hours to spare, so made our way through the underground and up to the Bell Tower. This is a land mark in the center of Xian where the city’s four main streets converge. […]

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