Dongtai Road – Antique Market – Old Town – Shanghai – China

Dongtai Road Fake Antique Market   Next, a visit to the fake Antique Market in the old town on Dongtai Road, huge variety of goods and who could tell if they are fake or not. If you can’t afford the real thing, this is the place for an excellent substitute. Bargaining skills required here. Compare prices from a […]

Shanghai – Old Town – Chinese Quarter – Old Town – China

  Old Town (Nanshi)  Our tour group set of early to walk through the back streets of Shanghai Old Town, ‘Nanshi’ as it used to be called, the old walled city of Shanghai.The Old Town predates the colonial days in Shanghai. This area is now known as the Southern Town by most Chinese today, bounded by Renmin Lu […]

Shanghai Museum – What is a Bronze Ding ? – China

Shanghai Museum – Bronze Ding Our tour group spent a couple of hours at the Shanghai Museum and explored the three floors. The Shanghai Museum building is very striking, built in the shape of an ancient Chinese bronze ding. What is a bronze ding? A bronze ding,is an ancient Chinese Cauldron traditionally made in two shapes, either […]

Master Plan – Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center – Shanghai-China

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center The Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center is certainly worth a visit.  The Lobby display “Shanghai’s Morning”, is a display of landmark buildings from various times representing the historical and cultural  progress in the urban development of Shanghai over the last 100 years.  The beautiful wall mural also reflects this progress. Prominent […]

Ancient Town – “Fang Sheng” Bridge – Zhujiajiao – Shanghai

  Ancient Water Town Zhujiajiao, ancient water town is  about an hours bus ride from Shanghai.  Zhujiajiao first appeared as a village market during the Three Kingdom Period. It has 1700 years of history ranging from the Song Dynasty (960-1279) and Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) when Zhujiajiao was already a busy market place, due to its river ways and […]

Huxinting Teahouse (mid-lake Pavilion)-Old Town-Shanghai

Oldest Teahouse in China Next door to the Yu Gardens and Bazaar stands another Chinese architectural delight, a classical Pavilion known as Huxinting Teahouse, with its highly decorative upward curving eaves.  The pavilion in the Old Town is regarded as the oldest existing traditional Chinese teahouse in China. The Teahouse, built about the same time as Yu […]

Yu Yuan Garden and Bazaar-Yu Bazaar-Shanghai-Old Town

Old town architecture –  Yu Bazaar  From the Bund we headed to  Yu Yuan Garden and Bazaar. The buildings in the Bazaar are old style classical Chinese architecture with modern shop fronts, and very appealing. Yu Bazaar area has well-preserved and restored residences dating from Ming and Qing dynasties,very attractive with grey roof tiles,white walls and […]

Port of Shanghai – Jin Mao Skywalk

Shanghai and Children’s Palace Shanghai next on our list and only a few days left on tour. After returning to Guilin from Yangshuo we boarded a flight to Shanghai arriving around 2.30 pm. Bused to our hotel, then a walk to the Children’s Palace, a special school for gifted children who  train after school in different […]

Yangshuo “Impressions” Sanjie Liu – Open Landscape Theatre

Sanjie Liu – Open Air Landscape Theatre Tonight, looking forward to the Open Air landscape Theatre, the largest of its kind in the world. A magical performance on the river and along the riverbanks with  Karst Mountains as a backdrop. I cannot wait to see this! The choreography at the Chinese Red Threatre for their production […]

Yangshuo|Countryside and Fisherman Li River Yangshuo

Yangshuo – First impressions  We were not leaving the Karst mountains behind or even the Li River, they are both an integral part of Yangshuo landscape and surrounding countryside. Arriving at Yangshuo wharf our first sight is of a Chinese women striding along the wharf carrying  two cormorants balanced either side of a shoulder pole. […]

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