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King Ludwig II built a third castle in the Graswang Valley where his father Maximilian II owned a hunting lodge called “Konigshauschen”. This would become Schloss (Castle) Linderhof a smaller version of Versailles; the only castle King Ludwig II lived to see completed and lived in for a short time. King Ludwig planned a new “Versailles” on a larger scale, however this was built later at Herreninsel, an island in Lake Chiemsee. 


Detail of beautiful wrought-iron-entrance gates and balcony Schloss Lindenhof

Looking towards the main facade of Schloss Linderhof, clearly visible the royal coat-of-arms crowned with a statue of Atlas. Wonderful gilded ironwork on the front entrance doors and first floor balcony complement the white stonework of the castle.


View from the Southern Terrace Garden – Schloss Linderhof

King Ludwig and King Louis XIV 

King Ludwig admired the Bourbons and King Louis XIV in particular.The design plans for Schloss Linderhof  heavily influenced by Ludwig’s visits to Paris and Versailles. The Bourbons were one of the most important ruling houses in Europe. In Ludwig’s time it was Louis XIV who ruled as King of France. Louis XIV ruled  for 72 years from 1643 until his death in 1715, the longest period of any monarch of a major country in European history. Louis XIV was also known as Louis the Great or the Sun King.

King Ludwig used the royal sun symbol  in  his palace decorations, very eye-catching on the ceiling in the vestibule. In addition there is an impressive bronze equestrian statue of Louis XIV. A marble staircase leads to the next room, a Music Chamber which has a most beautiful musical instrument which combines a piano with a harmonium.Paintings of pastoral scenes in rococo style, divided by gilded panels decorate the walls in this room.


Detail of Gilded Flora Group – Schloss Linderhof

A spectacular extravaganza –  Schloss Linderhof

The Audience Chamber is stunning. King Ludwig selected the design from the French court under Louis XIV and Louis XV. The decoration is considered a second Bavarian rococo style created especially for the King, and has carved paneling and ceiling stucco work in gold and white. It seems like all the scrolls and decorations are double layered, it is almost overpowering in its richness of gilded decoration. The Rose and Lilac Cabinet, King’s Bed Chamber, Dining Room, Hall of Mirrors, you should see them for yourself. Pretty amazing interior decoration, a spectacular extravaganza, especially the King’s Bed Chamber and the Hall of Mirrors.

Moorish Kiosk

Moorish Kiosk at Linderhof Palace

The Moorish Kiosk is very splendid, one couldn’t help but admire the stunning Peacock Throne highlighted by the brilliant colors of  the stained glass windows in the background. The King enjoyed holding evening celebrations in Oriental costumes in the Kiosk.


Fairy-tale world of King Ludwig

Ludwig definitely lived in a fairy tale world of his own, heavily influenced by the music,operas,and stage settings for the opera’s of Richard Wagner. King Ludwig  built an amazing Grotto at Linderhof. One wall of the grotto features a scene from the first act of Richard Wagner’s opera Tannhauser. King Ludwig would sail through the grotto in a specially designed boat in the shape of a golden shell. From this boat he would feed  the Castle swans, his favorite creatures. There were waves on the Lake generated by special machinery; lighting in the Grotto could be changed from blue to red, to rainbow colors. One of the first power plants of Bavaria was built in the grotto to enable the special color effects the King desired.

The  interior of Schloss Linderhof  is more lavishly decorated then Neuschswanstein, quite awesome, an extravaganza of great beauty, certainly worth seeing. A must see!!

A walk in the Garden

The garden design based on the grounds of the palace at Versailles, only on a smaller scale, contoured and sculpted to suit the  forested mountainside surrounding Schloss Linderhof. 


Facing Southern Terrace – Spiraling fountain  from gilded Flora group-Schloss Linderhof

Southern Terrace Garden

The Southern Terrace garden  features a gilded Flora group in the center of the pond. Spiraling skywards, a fountain  springs from the center of the gilded sculptures some 25 meters  into the air. The terrace garden crowned by a rotunda with the marble statue of Venus. To the right, in front of the Southern Terrace garden is a tall 300-year-old Linden tree. Although slightly out-of-place in this formal  garden setting it  remained because of King Ludwig’s love of trees and nature. King Ludwig had a favorite spot under the Linden tree to sit and enjoy an evening meal at sunset.


Schloss Linderhof –  Southern Terrace Garden

Gardens on the western side

Our visit was a bit early to see the garden at its best. No doubt the arbor walks and foliage pavilions on the western side would be covered in green, the garden beds filled with colorful spring flowers in another week or two; spring is just around the corner. The garden area enhanced by a golden statue of Fame and graceful stone figures representing the Four Seasons.


Northern Slopes Garden and Cascade

The garden surrounding the castle are designed to be enjoyed from specific windows. Outside the main window of the King Ludwig’s bedroom is a view of the cascade on the northern slope directly behind the Palace.  Bordered by shady green garden walks, the cascade, formed by 30 marble steps pours into a pool at the bottom of the hill. The pool has a classic sculpture of the Neptune group, a design similar to one at Versailles. A Music Pavilion sits at the top of the cascade blending with the garden surrounds.


Northern slope with Cascade – Waiting for Spring – Schloss Linderhof

On-wards  on our tour of the Romantic Road – Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Oberammergau…

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