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The other morning I discovered a bearded dragon basking in the sun among the dry grass and leaf litter near the woodlands. It is a fierce-some prehistoric looking creature. I was able to get close and take a few pics.

bearded dragon,woodlands,habitat,

Very well camouflaged like an old piece of  grey wood, spotted with aged lichen growth. It turned its head a few times, sturdy back legs spread and ready to run, but didn’t move as I walked around it, such an ugly and endearing  lizard.


It obviously did not feel threatened by my close presence. If the bearded dragon  feels  threatened it inflates its throat and displays its spiky beard. If really provoked it opens its mouth to displays the bright yellow lining inside in an effort to frighten the threat away. The bearded dragon is very hard to find as it is well camouflaged in its woodland habitat. I hope I will see this creature of the nearby woodlands another day.

habitat,woodlands,bearded dragon,Toowoomba,Darling Downs,

About the Bearded Dragon or Lizard

  • A medium-sized lizard, grows to about 12-24 inches from their head to the tip of their tail.
  • Color can differ according to their environment. Their habitat includes woodlands, savanna’s, and deserts. This one is the Eastern Bearded Dragon of the woodlands and forest.

habitat,woodlands,woodland,bearded dragon,Toowoomba,Darling Downs,

  • The head of the bearded dragon is triangular (like a snake’s head) and has thorn-like spikes.
  • The throat is covered with spiny,dark grey scales; when the bearded dragon feels threatened the  scales are puffed out to form a spiky beard.

habitat,woodlands,woodland,bearded dragon,

It has longer thorn-like spikes down the both sides of its body, very well armored for defense against natural predators. It is relatively harmless to humans and will run away and hide in its woodland habitat among the bark, leaves and branches in most instances.

habitat,woodlands,woodland,bearded dragon,Toowoomba,Darling Downs,

Disappointingly this was the only sighting of the bearded dragon during the two-week stay in Toowoomba on the Darling Downs. Just lucky to find it that morning basking in the sun.

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