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Queens Gardens a Botanical Garden of Townsville City

Queens Gardens are one of the three botanical gardens of Townsville City. Queens Gardens are at the base of  Castle Hill in the suburb of North Ward. It is  only  five minutes from The Strand in Townsville city and the CBD area.

Queens-Gardens lush green lawns palms and shady trees tropical Townsville

Queens-Gardens lush green lawns palms and shady trees Townsville City

It is a pleasant walk through and around these lovely gardens in Townsville’s glorious weather. A wonderful green shady space to escape the heat of the day. Coming back up the main path, a view of this huge giant pink  monolith known as Castle Hill towers over the top of you. It is an amazing view looking up at ‘the Hill’, from this point in Queens Gardens in Townsville city.

Queens-Gardens stand below the monolith known as Castle Hill

Queens-Gardens stand below the pink monolith known as Castle Hill, Townsville City

Queens Gardens are the oldest of the three Botanical Gardens in Townsville City. The park covers over 4 hectares. The garden is divided into quadrants, each with a central fountain. It has many tropical plant beds with Agaves, Yuccas and related plants. It also features a palm lawn with many different species of Palms and there are huge shady trees throughout the park. There are also two small hedge mazes, a shady bamboo grove with  seating  of  faced rough hewn granite, a cactus and succulent garden, a rose bed and herb garden.  Queens Gardens also feature a children’s playground, as well as  lovely shady areas on the  green lawn for the children to play. Bring your picnic hamper for a picnic in these delightful gardens.

The-Maze in Queens Gardens tropical Townsville Queensland

The-Maze in Queens Gardens tropical Townsville Queensland

Queens-Garden-tropical flowers and huge shady trees tropical Townsville

Queens-Garden-tropical flowers and huge shady trees Townsville City

Queens-Gardens-Shady-Bamboo Grove with granite seating Townsville

Shady-Bamboo Grove – granite seating 

Residents of Townsville City enjoy Queens Gardens for leisure and recreation

Residents of tropical Townsville  use this splendid garden/park area for leisure and recreation. The Townsville  City Council and community groups utilize its lush green surroundings to stage a variety of special events throughout the year. One such community event is the Eco Fiesta which is held annually in June each year.

In the recent cyclone Yasi that hit this region in February, Townsville city lost some of its  oldest trees in this garden, some 150 years old, which is a terrible shame. Fortunately this cyclone caused no loss of life in Townsville, and the gardens have recovered, although not quite as much shade as previously.

Queens-Garden-tropical flower bed in Townsville Tropical Queensland

Queens-Garden-tropical flower bed in Townsville City, Tropical Queensland

Location of Queens Gardens in Townsville City

Queens Gardens are located in the suburb of North Ward on the corner of Gregory and Paxton Street, 1.2 km north of the Townsville city center, and only 5 minutes from The Strand. Entrance to Queens Gardens is off  Paxton Street, Gregory Street and Kennedy Lane. Car parking is available on roadside boundaries.

Public Transport – from the CBD to Queens Gardens

The Sunbus provides a regular bus service throughout Townsville city and suburbs.

Visitors are able to catch the 205 Bus from the Walker Street bus stop (between Stanley and Stokes Sts). The 205 bus goes through North Ward. Drop of point near the old hospital site. Only a few minutes walk up Paxton Street to Queens Gardens in tropical Townsville.

Bus Fare from the City

Adult Fare One way    $1.70

Children                           $0.90

Seniors                             $0.90

Castle Hill an icon of Townsville City

Castle Hill is only a few minutes from Queens Gardens. Do not miss the opportunity to drive up Castle Hill to the lookout, which provides wonderful views across the waters of Cleveland Bay to Magnetic Island.  From the opposite side of the lookout you can see the Ross River winding its way through Townsville city and out to the the Ross River Dam. In the distance Hervey’s Range and the rocky peaks known as the Pinnacles can be seen.

Castle Hill-Lookout-View of Townsville across to-Harvey's Range

Castle Hill-Lookout-View of Townsville City across to-Hervey’s Range

The Goat Track on Castle Hill Townsville City

Driving back down Castle Hill you may pass a few walkers toiling up the hill.  Castle Hill is a popular place for walkers, being one of the few hills in tropical Townsville. It has a particularly steep walk on one side of the hill known as the ‘goat track’. Don’ t try the goat track  unless you are very fit and used to hill climbs, as it is very  steep. There are lovely ocean views coming back down the  Castle Hill road  to The Strand.

Castle-Hill-lookout-beautiful vistas across the Bay from the lookout

Castle-Hill beautiful vistas across the Bay Townsville City

The Strand beckoned us for a meal of fish and chips by the sea

The ocean beckoned once more.  Returning to The Strand for the evening breeze and smell of the ocean, we felt fish and chips  a very appropriate meal to finish a wonderful relaxing day. This proved a good choice from the local  fish shop opposite The Strand. We found a nice spot on the grass under the palm trees along the promenade, and enjoyed our evening meal overlooking the water. The Strand in the tropical city of  Townsville  is a great place to chill out and relax at the end of the day.

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  1. Such beautiful colors and greenery! How long was your stay in Townsville City? Nice photos!

    • Hi Leah, I visited Townsville for two weeks. It is a beautiful city. It has all the attributes of the big cities but without the crowds, traffic and turmoil. A very relaxed and laid back atmosphere.

  2. aaron clarke says:

    Hi Lyn I would like to use one of your photos of Castle Hill for a book cover. Do you own the copyright? If so how much do you charge? Thanks, Aaron.

    • H Aaron. Sorry I think I missed this comment. Yes I do own the copyright, however you may use it if you still want too, just credit my blog for it, when the occasion warrants it. Thanks for asking. Lyn

  3. Hullo Lyn – I once lived in Townsville and after a Very Long time of absence I am returning for a month, leaving this Tuesday. Searching my three favourite places led me directly to your blog. I am so looking forward to memory lane and seeing friends there again. Where do you live? I now live in Glastonbury, Somerset, another magical place on our beautiful planet. As a writer I must also comment on your touching generosity about copyright in response to Aaron (2011). It’s always a vexing topic and often acknowledgement is all we need. Keep on with your travel blogs, thank you for re-inspiring me, Zoé

    • Hi Zoe,I hope you enjoy your stay in Townsville. You have chosen perfect weather at this time of year for your trip. Thank you so much for your comment. Lyn

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