Half Day Tokyo Tour

A Half  Day Tokyo TourImperial Palace

Our Half Day Tokyo tour was interesting. It was a quick visit to the Imperial Palace, a bit disappointing as we only saw the Palace through the trees above the wall of the moat, one Gate House, and one royal white swan. We had expected to be able walk through the Palace Gardens. Apparently this is a different tour, only available on certain days, and you must have royal permission.

Imperial-Palace-Corner Gatehouse & moat - Tokyo Japan experience

Imperial-Palace-Corner Gatehouse and moat – Tokyo Japan experience

Tokyo Tower on our half day Tokyo Tour

Tokyo Tower didn’t disappoint. When Tokyo Tower opened in 1958, it was at that time the tallest Tower in the world at 333 meters in height, and the world’s tallest self-supporting steel structure. The Eiffel tower is 320m high. Tokyo Tower weighs 4000 tons and is much lighter than the Eiffel Tower, which weighs 7000 tons. The weight difference in structure is due to advances in steel manufacturing and modern technology.

Tokyo-Tower provides a wonderful city view across to Mt Fuji

Tokyo-Tower provides a wonderful city view across to Mt Fuji

Tokyo Tower has a special observatory tower on the top floor (250m), with a view of Mt Fuji and Mt Tsukuba.  It was a fine sunny day for our half day Tokyo tour, so we had a magnificent view of snow-covered Mt Fuji.

Experience Japan – Asakusa Kannon Temple

The Tasaki Pearl Gallery was interesting if you haven’t been to one before. (I had already seen two in China). The visit to Asakusa I found fascinating. The Asakusa Kannon Temple and the Nakamise-dore shopping street are a must see. A pervading atmosphere of bustle and excitement, and so many people! It would have been nice to spend more time at Asakusa and the Nakamise-dore shopping street. We were enjoying  experiencing Japan and a real taste of Japanese culture.  See my next post!!

Experience Japan-View Mt-Fuji-from-Tokyo-Tower on a Half Day Tokyo Tour

Experience Japan-View Mt-Fuji-from-Tokyo-Tower on a Half Day Tokyo Tour

A Half Day Tokyo Tour may save you lost time

In hind sight, I believe we could have seen these sights ourselves, done our own little tour. I always felt safe in Japan, the people are friendly and try to be helpful as far as the language difficulties allow. If you are familiar with subways and trains and have a good map of the area, it is well signed. Having said that, we managed to get lost in the Shinjuku subway trying to find the Red line to go to the Kabuki Theatre, but that’s another story? Maybe its quicker to take the half day Tokyo tour?

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  1. i’m not sure if i should write this “out loud” but i’m really liking the tower in tokyo, perhaps a little better than our own eiffel tower. blasphemy? maybe it’s because it’s a change from the monotone color motif of the parisian monument but i do like the multi-color aspect of the version in japan’s capital. i’ve never seen that before.

    • Hi Chloe, Tokyo tower certainly stands out because of its height and color providing beautiful view of Tokyo and Mt Fuji. I have been to Paris. It is such a beautiful city,the Eiffel tower and amazing structure and landmark. Lucky you, living in Paris.What is the best time of year to visit Paris? Thanks for your comments. Lyn

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