Safety first – follow a few simple Safety Rules when traveling overseas

Important items

Think  ‘safety first’  when traveling overseas. Following a few simple safety rules can ensure a safe and happy holiday.

Your important documents need to be kept safe and secure on your person at all times. This is a simple safety rule. The following items will assist.

  • A concealable money belt ensures a safe place to carry your passport, traveler’s cheques and cash.
  • There is also a concealable purse  you can pop around your neck and inside your blouse/shirt etc.
  • A third type can be attached to your belt and tucked  under your waistband.
  • A wallet chain may also be a good idea while you are visiting an area on foot.
  • Make sure you have a good lock/s for your luggage.  When you leave them in your hotel room for the day, lock your luggage before you  leave. Most good hotels supply a room safe to lock your valuables in, if you wish to leave them.

India – Varanasi

Safety first when carrying your handbag

For the ladies, I like a bag I can carry almost everything in with a long shoulder strap. The purpose of the  long  shoulder strap is to go over the head, onto the shoulder and across the chest, your bag sits on the hip on the opposite side of your body. I have noticed some men use a satchel bag too, and carry it in this way. Carrying it this way makes it very difficult for your bag to be snatched or to lose it.

It is a comfortable way of carrying your bag and distributes the weight more evenly. Some companies now use a reinforced fabric to protect what is inside your bag, and to prevent theft with a shoulder strap that can’t be slashed. Magellan’s  Metrosafe 200  and 250 shoulder bags are good examples.

PacSafe Bags

Hands free safety rule

Importantly, a shoulder bag carried in the above manner leaves both hands free to use your camera, or steady yourself climbing stairs etc.  A suitable compartment in your bag to hold your water bottle is also a must to keep your hands free.

Safety first is important for your physical safety, as in climbing stairs, boarding a boat, exploring caves. You need your hands free.  Make just a  few  safety rules for yourself and stick to them to ensure your physical safety, and safety of your important personal effects.



If you prefer to use a small back pack, this too is fine, but make sure it has concealed zips,,as you can’t always see what is going on behind you, especially if caught up in a crowd?

I have traveled to four different Asian countries as well as Europe and the States. To date I have never had a problem. Always think safety first and follow a few simple safety rules to ensure a safe holiday without loss or theft, by keeping your personal items secure.

Group travel ensures safety in numbers.You are definitely well looked after on a small group travel tour. If you are nervous about traveling,  start with a small  group travel  tour, test the waters and see how you enjoy this mode of travel.

Always think  ‘safety first’  and be aware of your surroundings in a foreign country.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Safety first.

  2. I agree, safety first must be a priority.. thanks for share

  3. I agree safety first is the most important thing when traveling overseas. Thanks for this great tips.

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  11. yah i agree safety first, that’s the first thing that we have to prepare for,to know what’s going on and what to do.
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  12. I think “A concealable money belt ensures a safe place to carry your passport, traveler’s cheques and cash.” is most important for travelers.

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  14. Hi Lyn,

    Thanks for the great travel safety tips. I’ve even started wearing my money belt in place of my old fashioned fanny pack. It’s amazing what you can stuff into a money belt, especially today since cell phones are so slim and it’s easy to find a flat credit card holder.

    Cheers and happy travels.

    • Hi Hillary, Please you found the safety travel tips useful. I feel much safer with a money belt in foreign countries when traveling. Thanks for your comments,much appreciated. Lyn

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  17. Great post Lyn, Safety is very important while traveling abroad and especially in Asian countries like India. There are many bad people along with many good people and it gets very important to be safe. The one advice I always follow is to never carry large amount of cash with you. It gets pretty dangerous to carry cash with you in such areas. So, that’s the main thing I always follow. 🙂


    • Hi Mark, I agree, even if wearing a money belt, its still the best advise not to carry too much on you. Thanks for your comment. Lyn

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  21. Be mind of safety first. Once your valuable stuff lost, you’ll regret.

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