Why choose a small group tour?

Sit back –

Beijing Travel Rickshaws

Rickshaw travel the Hutongs of Beijing

Relax and enjoy a Small Group Tour!

A Small Group Tour is more manageable from a logistic point of view, more personal, and provides more flexibility for the travelers.

Numbers for a small group tour usually fall between 10-14 people. This is a friendly number where everyone has opportunity to meet and mix with one another. This can open up new friendships with like-minded people and shared experiences.

A Stress Free Tour!

You don’t have to worry about getting from A-B, or organizing accommodation or meals; which means you have the free time to fully enjoy the tour.

Your Tour Leader and guide on a small group tour have usually done this trip before and any problems, if they occur are dealt with very competently by them. A small group tour is a stress free tour.

Discover and enjoy!

In my experience so far, offers the flexibility for the interest of all travelers to be accommodated, as well as providing opportunities for independent exploration. It provides the opportunity to discover other cultures, learn new skills and study the subjects you’ve always wanted to know about.


Angkor Thom Siem Reap Cambodia

A small group tour is usually paced to give you enough time to enjoy the key places you are visiting and what you are seeing. One or two, or even three nights will be spent in a city so you can relax and explore the main sights at a leisurely pace.

Travel with a small group tour in the country of your choice, may-be made by coach, rail, internal flights, or local transport where applicable such as a rickshaw or tuk tuk etc. It is all organized for you and provides for a different “in country” experience on the local trains, airlines and local transport.

Khajuraho-Temples built between 9th and 10th centuries by Chandela dynasty

Khajuraho-Temples built by Chandela dynasty India

A place to put your head down!

Most of these small group tours also offer Standard and Deluxe options for your accommodation. Usually a Deluxe option is included once during the trip (always a nice experience). However in the main I have always been satisfied with  the Standard option as I have found it to be very comfortable and adequate. It also suits my budget.


Himeji Castle,Hameji, Japan

A Small group tour is usually the best  value for money! Enjoy!

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  1. Hi Lyn,
    Excellent post. I couldn’t agree more. We specialise in small group cultural tours and I think it’s really the best way to properly experience a place if you’re going on a package tour. With a small group you can really soak up the atmosphere of a site (we focus on expert led archaeological tours), and everyone in the group has the chance to ask questions of the tour leader and hear what he or she has to say, which becomes a major problem if the group is large.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Peter, That is the best thing about a small group tour, having everything organized for you, so you are free to enjoy every minute of your tour, take in all the culture of the country, and the history that goes with each site you visit. It is relaxing, great fun and very informative with a small group! Thanks for your comments.

  2. Great point. Small groups are great because it’s more personal and it helps to hear what the tour guide is saying, rather than shouting over a bunch of heads. You’re able to see more in a day and really get the feel of the country. Awesome blog you have!

    • Thanks for stopping by. I have really enjoyed the small group tours I have been on. The guides are always so informative and know the history of the sights your visiting. Ancient cities such as Rome have a lot of history. I would love to join one of your tours in Rome, as although I have been to Italy I didn’t get to Rome, so its on my list! thanks for your comments.

  3. What was your experience in Italy? Make it out to Rome next time!!

    • I’d love to visit Rome next time. I enjoyed Italy very and visited Venice, Milan,Lake Como and Florence. Spent a couple of hours one day in Venice getting totally lost, definitely needed a guide that day.However, I found most people very helpful and friendly so eventually found my way back to our accommodation.

  4. Small groups are more enjoyable and fun compared to a big group tour. But there are still big group tours that are fun like school tour or class tour.

    • You’re so right. My last tour through Cambodia had a group of 24, which I call a big group, and it was still fun and enjoyable.Anything more than about 24, is too big. It seems to impact on the congeniality of the group. thanks for your comments.

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