Sightseeing – Siem Reap

Sightseeing-Siem Reap

Traditional xylophone or ‘Roneat ek’

After an exciting sightseeing exploration of the blue sandstone ruins of Beng Mealea, our tour bus took us to a very nice restaurant in a rural setting. It was a pleasant spot, a rustic hi-set timber dwelling with large open rooms, quiet and cool. Outside the window openings birds had built nests, they hung from the tree branches in interesting shapes. The name of the birds escapes me now, the birds apparently return here every year to nest.

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The table at the restaurant set with brightly colored serviettes, sparkling glasses and flowers; the food – fresh, light and tasty, ideal in this humid climate. The young son of the restaurateur played the traditional xylophone or boat-shaped Roneat ek with a great degree of skill, it made for pleasant listening during our meal.


More sightseeing when our tour guide detoured for us to view the river quarry. The sandstone blocks were cut from the river bed, floated down-river to Tonle Sap and then to Siem Reap for building the temples at Angkor.


Siem Reap-traditional home-sightseeing

Traditional home – countryside –  Siem Reap

Sightseeing on the way back to Siem Reap; always interesting to spot traditional houses on stilts with thatched walls, sitting  in the lush green rice field; grey buffaloes wading knee-deep in water.  Sightseeing - Siem Reap

In Siem Reap the rain stops intermittently and then comes down in torrents. Streets are awash again in the low-lying areas near the river.

Sightseeing - Siem Reap

Streets  are awash


Sightseeing Siem Reap Cambodia

Typical street scene and architecture Siem Reap

Les Artisan D’Angkor

Our first stop in Siem Reap, Les Artisan D’Angkor, here disadvantaged youth are taught traditional Cambodian crafts and do some really fine carvings in sandstone, engraved metal work, and paintings. Les Artisan reproduces special pieces for restoration of the ancient temples in Angkor. Les Artisan D'Angkor-sightseeing Siem Reap

A brief visit to the local food market for fresh meat,mushrooms,spices and other foods, definitely ‘food for thought’.

Sightseeing - sausages for breakfast - Siem Reap

Sausages for breakfast – anyone?



Nearby a modern fruit market, the notorious pungent smelling durian fruit and  bright pink dragon fruit quite predominant, as well as red bananas, different varieties of mangoes and other tropical fruits.

Sightseeing - fruit market - Durian

Spikey foul-smelling Durian fruit

Sightseeing Siem Reap

Dragon Fruit and asian mangoes

Tonight our last night in Siem Reap, looking forward to smorgasbord at an up-market restaurant featuring entertainment from the Apsara dance show. Beautiful to watch. The classical dancers so graceful and exotic in their beautiful costumes and golden headdresses; plus traditional folk dancing, very energetic,colorful and fun to watch.

Classical Dancers-sightseeing in Siem Reap

Traditional Folk Dancing-sightseeing in Siem Reap

A delicious smorgasbord and wonderful entertainment to finish with on our last night in Siem Reap.

Home to Oz

After breakfast tomorrow we are taken to the airport for our flight home to Australia. An enthralling two weeks of sightseeing in Cambodia with Wendy Wu tours. When I look back now on our itinerary over those two-weeks I have to marvel at just how much ground we  covered between Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. So many memories to look back on and enjoy. An amazing journey through a wonderful country!!

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