Sangkae River Boat Cruise – Stung Sangkae River


 Leaving Battambang Province

Our stay at the Stung Sangke Hotel was very pleasant and these two delightful young girls cooked a delicious breakfast for us both mornings.

The foyer of the hotel is very attractive with an impressive staircase, 3-D carving of Angkor Wat (we’re headed there next), beautifully carved table in the center of the foyer and chairs.

DeskchairsSculptor HotelTable


Altogether an excellent hotel to stay at,comfortable rooms with en-suites.  Still can’t believe how much we have packed into two days of sightseeing in and around Battambang Province.  Today we head off to a local wharf where we board a motor boat to cruise down the Stung Sangkae river before heading across lake Tonlé sap.


Boat cruise Stung Sangkae River to Tonle sap


Boat Cruise Stung Sangke River to Tonlé sap.

Boat Cruise on the Stung Sangkae River

At the bridge we awaited the arrival of the boat for our cruise down the river. The  cruise boat proved to be colorful,roomy and sturdy, the Captain and boat boy cheerful and competent.


Our tour guide had bought some special Pursat Oranges on board for us to try. These oranges are grown in the Battambang Province; green to yellow on the outside, yellowish on the inside; a sweet taste with just a hint of a light sour influence.  Very refreshing; if you see them on a market stall while travelling in the province do buy and try.


Monastery Stung Sangkae River

Cows on River bank

Traditional home – skinny white cows Stung Sangkae River

The boat cruise took us down the Sangkae river  with interesting views of daily life along the river banks, the homes, the people, temples and rice paddies. The name of the river is spelt three different ways Sangkae,Sangké and Sangker.

Stung Sangkae river is about 250 km long and flows through six district as well as 27 communes in the Battambang Province. The Sangkae river is a very important river in the Battambang Province and eventually drains into  lake Tonlé sap.

Family outing Sangkae River

Family outing on the Sangkae River

Canoes are the main form of transport along the river and used to carry  firewood, haystacks, animals, and people; used for family outings and of course for fishing.





Celebration of the Seven-Headed snake

Along the river bank we spotted a very long canoe, probably 100 feet, and brightly decorated. The canoe being repaired and prepared for a festival. The canoes used for canoe racing when the Celebration of the Seven-headed Snake takes place. This celebration is also known as the Moon festival and held to mark the reversal of Tonlé sap, and to mark the opening of  the fishing season.

Long Canoe Sangkae River

Racing canoe on the Sangkae River

I think the pic below is about where the Stung Sangkae River meets the lake, the lake now a huge expanse of water. Trees and vegetation submerged, and soon our river  boat cruise  will take us through the sunken forest and past the floating villages of Tonlé sap.

Sangkae River and Tonle sap

View as the Sangkae River joins Lake Tonle sap


Cambodia4 171

This photo reminds me so much of paintings I have seen over the years of Asian countries, I find it pretty amazing to be here and able to see such beautiful scenery first hand.

Next… across lake Tonlé sap.

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