Tropical Fridays – Anything but tropical in Melbourne suburbs


Ancient old river gum

Magnificent old river gum surviving in surburbia,Melbourne outer suburbs

Anything but tropical

My weekly travel photo’s. Spending a few weeks in Melbourne with family. Weather is predictable  Melbourne weather; cold, bleak and freezing. Anything but a tropical Friday.

In suburban Doreen the housing estates are taking over the farmland areas (as they do?). The magnificent old gums that grow along the watercourse remain, so far. Higher up the hill where the housing estate is growing fast, they have saved just a few of these beautiful old trees. Here are two such specimens. So beautiful. So sad.

Gnarled old River Gum in surban Melbourne

Gnarled old River Gum surviving in suburbia-Doreen- Melbourne outer suburbs

Tropical Galahs and Long Billed Corellas

There is  an abundance of colorful bird life in Melbourne suburbs. Since it’s Tropical Fridays I should mention the flocks of pink breasted Galahs and long-billed Corellas that live in the area and roost in the red river gum forest. The Galahs are very  tropical with their rosy pink breast,  grey wings and pale pink crest. We see large flocks in tropical north Queensland as well as here in Melbourne suburbs.

Tropical Fridays - Galahs and large beaked Corellas feeding - Doreen

Tropical Fridays – Galahs and long-billed Corellas feeding – Doreen- Melbourne Suburbs

In Doreen at sunrise you hear the flocks of Galahs and Corellas screeching as they leave the shelter of the forest;  wheeling overhead in a white flurry of wings as they fly off into the sunlight.  They feed on grass seeds in the morning from the green paddocks on the hillside.  Late in the evening they feed on the footpath verges in Doreen, before returning to the sanctuary of the red river gum forest to roost at night.

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