Family Scrapbooking Design Layout ideas

Tropical Friday –  Family Scrapboooking and  Scrapbook design layouts

It’s a glorious day in tropical north Queensland. I have been working on this page all week (would you believe) just couldn’t make up my mind exactly what to do with the photos. Finally went to the local Scrapbooking shop and bought these two lovely design sheets (Kaiser craft) and some dark red bazzill paper. Decided on the mat colors and set out the double page. Embellishments are printed chipboard by Kaisercraft from Nan’s Favorite Collection.This is about my Mum who is now 88 years young and lives in Sydney. I usually visit once a year or more when I can.  This day we were having a get together, with  all my siblings expected to join us for morning tea.

Beryl's Kitchen Scrapbooking and scrapbook design layouts

My Mum at work-Beryl's Kitchen Scrapbooking and scrapbook design layouts

Mum was up early and in the process of making a batch of her famous scones when I joined her in the kitchen. I decided to take these pics of her at work. (Yes! she was in her dressing gown, just don’t tell everyone!). I also want my Mum’s secret scone recipe? I’m still working on that, and the secret Christmas pudding recipe!

Beryl's-Kitchen-Scrapbooking and Scrapbook design layout.
Beryl’s-Kitchen-Scrapbook design and Scrapbooking layout ideas.

So.. this is the weeks scrapbooking design effort all about my Mum, hard at work in what we often refer to as Beryl’s Kitchen, because… whenever you arrive there is nearly always the aroma of freshly baked food to greet you, something we always enjoyed as young children. At primary school, only a block away, my sister and I walked home for lunch everyday to be greeted by this delicious aroma. Freshly baked Steak and Kidney Pie, Egg and Bacon Flans, Tomato Flans, (quiches) Caramel and pineapple meringue tarts, Brown sugar tarts, Monte Carlo biscuits….it was always so mouthwatering. Mind, we never got dessert unless we ate all our meat and veggies at dinner first, no problem there, Mum’s cooking was always so delicious in every department. (except for spinach, I hated spinach! absolutely nothing makes spinach taste delicious).

I can’t leave you on that note. Just think of freshly baked scones with berry jam and lashings of whipped cream!

The sunshine beckons me out of doors. Happy Scrappin!


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