Tropical tropical Fridays – Crab Market – Beach resort of Kep – Cambodia


A tropical Holiday – Beach resort of Kep

This is my idea of tropical Fridays, sitting on the seashore in the warm sunshine, a balmy breeze, colorful fishing boats on the sea, watching activity at the crab market at Kep. On a recent trip through Cambodia I experienced just such enjoyment watching the women of Kep in their colorful outfits hauling in the baskets of fresh crab. It is usually a family affair with the men catching the crabs, off loading them near the seashore, the women wading out and hauling them in.


buyers-looking over the baskets of fresh crab-tropical fridays

Kep women stands beside her basket of crabs ready for sale.

Crab Market – Kep women stands beside baskets of fresh  crab

A balmy tropical climate,tropical fridays and everyday

Kep women  do this for a livelihood, starting early in the morning and working most of the day. Multitasking with the best of them. Bringing the crab baskets in, haggling with the buyers, sorting the crabs , tying them, then back to the water for more baskets as demand dictates.

Crab-Women-of-Kepin -serious discussion as they tie-up the crabs ready for cooking.

Crab-market at -Kep-  women in serious discussion as they tie-up each crab ready for cooking.

Tropical Kep on the seashore

Kep is a quiet beach resort with a tropical climate all year round, comfortable affordable accommodation available, such as the Beach House Hotel overlooking the sea. A great place to relax for a few days and enjoy watching the locals go about their daily lives. At tropical Kep you can enjoy the fresh blue crab at the Crab Market as well as luscious banana prawns or fresh fish; have it cooked and served up to you while you relax in a hammock enjoying the sea breeze.

Crab Market - women of Kep working together in harmony,Tropical Fridays

Crab Market – women of Kep working together in harmony,Tropical Fridays


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